chic your shabby

Happy Valentines Day my Sweethearts!

I put my "heart" into every piece that comes into my shop!

This month of February I would like to explain my "love" of furniture! Some of you love to clothes shop and plan girls day out with much excitement! Your heart starts beat and a smile forms on those beautiful faces. Well, if you know me... the words clothes shopping make my heart rapidly's called anxiety and boring! I love to see a piece of furniture that is lonely and needs love! Sometimes that piece is in your attic, found at a garage sale or the side of the road! My heart beats and my head spins. To me this piece of furniture becomes my baby, if only for a brief time. Many of you have heard "this is my favorite piece!!" ..that is the TRUTH! At that moment that piece I have put blood sweat and sometimes tears into has been my favorite. The time comes to hand it over to its correct owner and I am okay because I know they will love it also. So bring on my next LOVE!

If you would like a quote on piece of furniture contact me at 216-924-0088. Text with your name and picture of furniture works also.

And the winner is..........

Colleen Newcomb

I am Colleen Newcomb married to Scott for 11 years, we have two rescue dogs Dunkin and Ethel. Dunkin pictured, Ethel to busy to sit for the picture. I have worked at Fairview Hospital for 20 years, and recently took a new position working as the Residency Research Coordinator for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. I keep busy with hosting parties, boating, skiing and volunteering for Fido's Companion Dog Rescue. "Please spay and Neuter your pets"

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