SEi Renaissance Workshop

Love, Being Tempered & Much Ado for Something...

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Evening Landscape With Rising Moon, Van Gogh

Summer Workshop for college & high school students

Join us for a summer workshop designed to hone the essential qualities and dispositions of a Renaissance leader! This unique program will strengthen capacities of good judgment and effective communication, while also fortifying your foundations in wisdom, virtue, and a living Western Tradition!

See schedule below.

Until then!

Mr Presberg

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Marry, this well carried shall on her behalf

Change slander to remorse. That is some good.

But not for that dream I on this strange course,

But on this travail look for greater birth...

Come, lady, die to live. This wedding day

Perhaps is but prolonged. Have patience and endure.

~ Friar, Much Ado About Nothing

Claudio, Deceived by Don John, Accuses Hero, Marcus Stone (Museums Sheffield)

SEi Renaissance Workshop

Wednesday, June 15th, 9:30am to Friday, June 17th, 9pm

1707 Milford Street

Houston, TX

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

A Plan

Schedule: Wednesday/ Thursday

9:15 Arrive, Morning memo and Proverbial Wisdom

9:30 Quick Dip in Scripture

Quick “deep” dive into Scripture, with a focus on the person and teaching ways of Christ and on a few other persons that have shaped human history

9:50 Of Virtue & Vice: Wed: Temperance #1/ Thur: Love #1

Fresh studies of those vital habits and dispositions necessary to being human (or not) ~ explored in a way that is interesting and practical…

10:45 break

10:55 Of Virtue & Vice: Wed: Temperance #2/ Thur: Love #2

11:45 Lunch & Games

(bring a bagged lunch)

1:00 Shakespeare at Play: Wed/ Thur: Much Ado, parts 1 & 2

(in-depth discussion follows each reading)

3:00 Speech & Rhetoric Practicum

(each participant will be encouraged/expected to memorize a speech, scene or soliloquy)

3:30 Finis**

Friday: 3 p.m. ~ 9 p.m., will feature games, final discussions of topics, and a festive sit-down dinner (optional) with performances.

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- $325

- $15 for optional Festive Dinner

Attire & Things:

- collared shirt for regular days; sport coat and pants for dinner

- bring a pen and journal

- bring a bagged lunch for Wed and Thursday

- have a towel and swim trunks handy for the possibility of a dip in the pool

- contact Mr Presberg with inquiries regarding scholarships

**For those interested, ask about an essay and writing component to the workshop.

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I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage...When I said i would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married...

~ Benedick
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Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.

~ Erasmus

The little knots of Friends who turn their backs on the “World” are those who really transform it. ~ C.S. Lewis