By: Becky Hannes

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cells use activity inside of the brain that gets disturbed & then the brain will start or will cause the seizures.
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Is Epilepsy life-threatening & Dose Epilepsy cause any issues?

Epilepsy is a life-threatening condition. Some people with epilepsy can be or already are at special risk for abnormally prolonged seizures or too a sudden unexplained death do to epilepsy.

Some issues may also arise as a result of the stigma. When having epilepsy, it can lead to embarrassment, frustration,bullying, teasing, or avoidance in schools & in other social settings in the world's media.

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How it may occur & can it be treated?

Epilepsy may occur as a result of a genetic disorder or an acquired brain injury, such as trauma or a stroke.

Epilepsy can be treated by medications,by surgery's, & even medical marijuana. Epilepsy can't be cured, but treatment may help anyone that may have or that has Epilepsy.

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What ages can Epilepsy be affected on?

Epilepsy can affect the ages in people around 0 to 60 years old & up. Not only can it affect the ages in people, but it also can affect animals all around the world.

What kind of symptoms are in Epilepsy? What people may experience in Epilepsy?

The kind of symptoms that are in Epilepsy are abnormal behaviors symptoms & sensations that may sometimes include loss of consciousness.

People may experience when having a Seizure... Rhythmic Muscle Contractions (R.M.C), muscle spasms, sensory of pins & needles, & could cause the whole body may faint or the whole body can faint.

Other common experiences people may feel during a seizure are depression, headaches, sleepiness, staring spells, or temporary paralysis after having a seizure.

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