Digital Footprint

Digital Literacy Final Exam

What is a digital Footprint and why is it important?

Your digital footprint is something online that represents you this footprint could represent you in a negative bad way or in a positive good way depending on your actions and usage of the internet. This Digital Footprint can impact your future in a positive or negative way depending on how it defines you. Your digital footprint can help you lose a job or earn one. It is important to protect your digital footprint from negative things and try to make it look like the best you can because after all it defines you and only you. It is important to have a positive digital footprint because it can help you later in the future tremendously weather it be to earn a job, gain a friend or really anything. As our world and society becomes more technology orientated it is important to maintain a good digital food print.


I use twitter on a regular basic mainly to connect with people. I recently learned that twitter can impact your digital footprint. After knowing this I tried to do better by connecting with other people that are of better influence. Twitter can impact you negatively and positively many people can see your twitter since many people dont know how to private it and even if you do that can send of a negative example because you may be making it private. it just because you have something to hide. In the examples you can see me tweeting positively and following people who have a good influence on me.


LinkedIn may not be a huge thing when you are young in terms of who use it, it is not used by teens as much as snap chat or Facebook may be used. But in the future your LinkedIn can be a huge contribute of weather you get a job or you dont. This website can be used to find information about you and know your skills, experience in things and even your education. Strengthening your LinkedIn will help you when you are older looking for a job. In the example you can see me try to connect to other surgeons which is a career choice for me and also looking at health and medicine related groups.

Using LinkedIn Positively



Although most might be positive some are negative and thats okay because who hasent make mistakes in the past. If you have a trace of negative foot print try to make the good better than the bad and try to make yourself a better person. Below you can see me re vineing something negative and bad which does not at all help your digital footprint.

How does your Footprint impact your future

Your digital footprint can impact it tremendously and weather it impacts it good or bad is up to you, the choices you make, and your usage of social media. By having a good digital footprint you can get jobs and they can help you maintain a better image of yourself and others around you. By having a negative footprint though can hurt you a lot it can make you loose jobs and lose all the respect you have. In the example below Justine Sacoo makes a negative use of her twitter which cost her her job! It can impact anyone's including mine one negative post can ruin an entire life.
Big image
To try to improve your Online identity first make yourself known around the community and your peers. Know what people are talking about and try googling yourself and if anything negative or nothing at all comes up then you know you are doing something wrong. I know I need to start acting soon and improving my identity because someday I will need this essential part in my life.

Most Important thing learned this semester.

The most important thing I learned this semester is what really is a digital footprint and how you can make it better which is by using your social media wisely because it can impact your future and in the end it is something you leave behind even after you die. So your digital footprint really is important and thats what this class has helped me realize.


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