St Joseph's Newsletter T1 Wk 8

23 March 2022

Principal’s Piece

Kia Ora Koutou

“He pōkeke Uenuku I tū ai

Against a dark cloud the rainbow stands out brightly”

This whakatauki fits so well this week with the weather and Covid. As I sit at my desk writing this newsletter piece it is very gloomy outside and the rain is tumbling down. The number of Covid cases in our school continues to grow and I have spent the morning replying to emails from parents who have children testing positive. It certainly feels like the dark clouds are all around us. The rainbow that stands out brightly is hope! Hope that the sun will come back, hope that our number of Covid cases will drop, hope that everyone returns to school healthy. Hope that we can rest and reset during the holiday break.

As a school we are working with the Ministry of Education to prepare for the start of Term 2. Term 2 starts on Monday 2 May and we should start with some normality to it. The Ministry of Education's aim is for all students to be back at school then. We are also planning to have all our students and staff onsite and are looking forward to quality learning taking place.

Covid continues to work through our school with the senior classes feeling it most this last week. We have had a number of our Operations Team home isolating over the last 7 days too. At this stage we still have all of the teachers at school. This may change in the coming days and weeks. If we need to make changes to onsite learning or keep certain Year levels at home we will give you as much notice as we can. The aim would be 48 hours notice so that you can make alternative arrangements. This may not be possible as many have learnt the onset of Covid can happen quickly and in the space of an hour a person can deteriorate with symptoms.

Saturday 19 March was the Feast of St Joseph. We are proud to have St Joseph as the Patron Saint of our school and parish. St Joseph was a carpenter, a hard worker, and of course the earth father of Jesus. The school marked St Joseph’s day on Friday with a Mass outside and on Monday with a mufti day and a range of activities. Unfortunately, due to the weather on Monday the tabloid sports had to be postponed.

Please take care and remember the rainbow stands out brightly.

Kia manaaki te Atua koutou katoa

Grant Stuart

Tumuaki / Principal

Gospel Reflection

Third Sunday of Lent, Cycle C

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Gospel Reading

Luke 13:1-9

Jesus preaches a lesson on repentance.

Background on the Gospel Reading

Now into the third week of the Season of Lent, our Sunday Gospel prepares us to hear Lent's call to conversion and repentance. Today's reading is found in the chapters of Luke's Gospel that describe Jesus' journey to Jerusalem. During this journey, Jesus teaches and heals. He must also respond to those who question and challenge his authority and actions. There is no parallel in Mark's or Matthew's Gospels for today's reading from Luke. While Mark and Matthew describe an incident in which Jesus curses the fig tree, today's reading makes the barren fig tree the subject of a parable.

Luke tells us that some among the crowds report to Jesus a massacre of Galileans by Pilate. The intention of the crowd seems to be to ask Jesus to explain why these people suffered. It was commonplace to render people's suffering as evidence of their sinfulness. Jesus challenges this interpretation. Those who were massacred were no more or less sinful than the ones who report the situation to Jesus. Jesus replies that even a fatal accident, a natural disaster, ought not to be interpreted as punishment for sin.

Jesus' words at first appear to have a fire-and-brimstone quality. Jesus says in essence, “Repent or perish as these people did; all are sinful before God and deserving of God's punishment.” The tone changes, however, in the parable that follows. The parable of the barren fig tree contrasts the patience and hopefulness of the gardener with the practicality of the property owner. When told to cut down the fig tree because it is not producing fruit, the gardener counsels patience. If properly tended, the barren fig tree may yet bear fruit.

Throughout his journey to Jerusalem, Jesus has been teaching about the Kingdom of God. In this parable, we find an image of God's patience and hopefulness as he prepares his Kingdom. God calls us to repent, and it is within his power to punish us for our failure to turn from our sinfulness. And yet God is merciful. He delays punishment and tends to us so that we may yet bear the fruit he desires from us.

This, then, is our reason for hope: Not only does God refuse to abandon us, he chooses to attend to us even when we show no evidence of his efforts. Next week's Gospel will give an even clearer picture of the kind of mercy that God shows to us.

Reflection on Feast of St Joseph

Everything we know about the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus comes from Scripture and that has seemed too little for those who made up legends about him. We know Joseph was a compassionate, caring man. Joseph is the patron saint of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth.

Joseph is also patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers (pregnant women), travellers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers, and working people in general.

We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker. March 19 has been the most commonly celebrated feast day for Joseph, and it wasn't until 1955 that Pope Pius XII established the Feast of "St. Joseph the Worker" to be celebrated on May 1. This is also May Day (International Workers' Day) and believed to reflect Joseph's status as the patron of workers.

Prayer to St Joseph

Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

To you God entrusted his only Son;

in you Mary placed her trust;

with you Christ became man.

Blessed Joseph, to us too,

show yourself a father

and guide us in the path of life.

Obtain for us grace, mercy, and courage,

and defend us from every evil. Amen.

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Hamilton City Netball Centre

Kia ora All futureFERNS Club Managers, Coaches and Team Managers

2022 Programme Registrations are OPEN

All 2022 programmes are now open for team registrations. As in previous years entering a team is through your Club Managers. If your Club Manager has changed and the new Club Manager does not have access to Friendly Manager please contact us

2022 futureFERNS Structure and Guidelines

The Structure and Guidelines for this season are attached. We have tried to keep things as similar as we can to 2022, however there are a couple to take not of:

Year 3-4 & Year 5-6 registration – Teams will have 3 options when registering. Please put team in the group that best describes the majority of the team players. This will give indication to conveners of which pool maybe suitable for the team’s skill level.


  • Teams Learning Netball
  • Teams Developing their Netball
  • Teams Understanding their Netball.

Year 5-6 Programme – 2022 Each week a ‘Rule of the Week’ will be introduced as a focus for players, this will enable players to be able to build more understanding of the Game & Rules. More information on this is in document.

Time Exclusion Requests – Teams that wish to make a time exclusion request must enter this request via Friendly Manager before registration closing date.

Coaching Workshops – All dates are in document and will be updated on website. This year we are hoping to run a online information workshop for coaches & team managers unable to attend workshops. Date/time to be confirmed.

Individual or Grade Dispensations – Teams wishing to apply for dispensation to play outside programme age groups, forms are attached to document and must be emailed in prior to registration closing date.


Please ask! We would much rather answer your questions on your interpretation of any rules.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!!!

Nga Mihinui HCNC Team

Hamilton City Netball Centre

St Joseph's School Netball 2022

Year 1&2 play Thursdays - 4v4 format.
Each team will play in pods, they will play 2 mini games and rotate to play other teams, across 1/3 of the court.

Year 3&4 play Tuesdays - 5v5 format
Each team will play 4x 8 minute quarters with 1 minute intervals and 3 minutes at half time. Teams will use 1/2 of the court for skills and 2/3's for games.

Year 5&6 play Wednesdays - 6v6 format.
Each team play 4x 8 minute quarters with 3 minutes intervals & 5 minute half time.
Teams will play full court.

Teams will only go ahead if we have a coach and manager for each team.

Fees are indicative only & will likely change - depending on updated associations fees.

St Joseph’s School Winter Hockey 2022

Year 8 and 8 students were given information about the Saints hockey teams last week. These forms need to be returned by Thursday 24 March.

We also had many St Joseph Year 1-6 students who really enjoyed playing hockey for our school last year, and it’s that time again to put together our hockey teams for the winter season ahead!

The winter hockey competition starts on the 7th May and finishes on 3rd September 2022. Games are played at the Gallagher Hockey Centre, Innes Common, or alternatively at St Pauls Collegiate. Each player must have a hockey stick, mouth guard, shin pads and appropriate shoes. Our hockey uniform is the St Joseph’s School PE gear with long blue hockey socks to go over their shin pads. The hockey fees for the season are approximately $50 per player. Students at school have been given an information sheet about hockey at school today and this can also be found on HERO. Registrations are now open to sign your child up to play hockey via Enrolmy.

Hamilton Marist Football Club

Hamilton Marist Football Club registrations are open now.

Click here to register

New entrants to Intermediate grades.

Registrations close 28 March 2022

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COVID 19 - Update

We now have a number of students who are able to return to school after isolating but we still have some showing symptoms of Covid 19. A number of these children are testing positive. If this is the case with your child, please let us know.

Please email the Principal directly: or Ring (07) 855 5434 and press 0.

All students who return a positive test result, and their household contacts, need to self-isolate for 7 days, then they are able to return to school provided they are symptom free.

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PTA Easter Raffle

Information about the annual Easter Raffle was sent home earlier in the week. We need your help to get the raffle underway so each family is asked to provide one Easter treat that we will use to make up the raffle prizes and some extra baskets to donate to families/charities in need within our community. We also ask each family in the school to try and sell one card of ten $2 tickets. Extra raffle cards are available from the school office. The raffle closes on Monday 11 April and all tickets and money need to be returned by this date please. The raffle will be drawn on Wednesday 13 April and prizes will be sent home with the winners.

Before and After School Care 2022

Here is the link to find out more details:

Breakfast Club

After School Care

Community Notices

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

The Parish is selling Coupland’s Hot Cross Buns for $5.00 per 6 pack. There are three flavours available: traditional, chocolate and cranberry. This is a great way to have your Hot Cross buns and support the Parish. Orders close on Wednesday 30 March and will be available for collection on Friday 8 April. Payment prior to the close off date is required to secure your order.

Parish Mass Time

Parish Mass Time changes effective from 8 February

St Peter Chanel

Tuesday 9am - No Vaccine Pass Required

Thursday 9am - No Vaccine Pass Required Liturgy with Communion

Saturday Vigil 5pm - Vaccine Pass Required Booking in for the Vigil Mass is required

St Joseph

Wednesday 9am - Vaccine Pass Required Liturgy with Communion

Friday 9am - Vaccine Pass Required

Sunday 9am - Vaccine Pass Required Booking in for the Sunday Mass is required

Bookings required for Mass please fill in the form below or click here.

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2022 Term Dates

Term Dates

Term 1: Wed 2nd February – Thu 14th April

Term 2: Mon 2nd May – Fri 8th July

Term 3: Mon 25th July – Fri 30th September

Term 4: Mon 17th October – Fri 16th December

Teacher Only Days

Term 1 – Monday, 7 March

Term 2 – Friday, 3 June

Term 3 – Monday, 29 August

Term 4 – Friday, 11 November