What's New at Notre Dame?

Academic Highlights from First Quarter

Something New at NDHS

In an effort to keep families up to date on what is happening in the classrooms at 2701 Vermont Avenue, there is now a quarterly newsletter just for you! Please enjoy the premier issue and share your thoughts! What else would you like to know? Feel free to share your comments by contacting swensonl@myndhs365.com


In senior English, students created artwork based on the monster Grendel in the epic poem Beowulf.

In dual enrollment English, students studied articles about the importance and purpose of college and based some of their essays on their findings. Students also read about technology and how it affects the brain, as well as how it can be integrated effectively into the classroom.

In junior AP language, students read The Great Gatsby and compared it to the rather over the top film of the novel made by Baz Luhrman.
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Microbiology Lab

Students simulated the spread of a contagious disease using fluids and indicators.
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Reimagining Bible Stories

Sophomore religion students enjoyed reimagining some well-known Bible stories using four talent areas - writing, performing, drawing, and building. Their enthusiasm and understanding of scripture were impressive!

Honors Algebra I: Error Analysis in Tribes

These students are trying to figure out the errors made in the working out a multi-step inequality. Then, they are going to help the hypothetical student figure out and learn from her mistakes.

General Psychology

Creating Ink Blots
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Personality Masks

Students created masks to depict each person's most used defense mechanisms, trai scores in a personality inventory, and Adlerian concepts such as self ideal.

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Mobile Food Pantry at Clifton Hill's Elementary School

Students and faculty helped sort and hand out food to local families. Many students had the opportunity to use their impressive language skills. Here are just a few of the comments from the staff at Clifton Hill's:

  • "They were superstars! They worked hard and even spoke Spanish with our families."
  • "Their hard work carrying food for every single family was amazing and should continue. Every family had a student helping them carry food!"

  • "The students had such a positive attitudes and were always asking what more could they do."
  • "I just want to shout out about the students that came. They helped me carry the trash and were so helpful."

Wednesday Clubs

The September Creation Station activity was Coffee & Coloring! Students & teachers de-stressed while enjoying coffee, coloring, and conversation.
Dr. Pablo Perez spoke to students at the Health Careers Club meeting. He spoke about his medical career and his Peruvian American Medical Society medical mission trip.
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AP World History

Experiencing feudalism in AP World History, students took on the roles of serfs, nobles, and more!
Students conducting a gallery walk to distinguish unique aspects of images from the post-classical time period.
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Students applied their understanding of cell structure in a variety of creative ways. This hands-on approach to science was enjoyed by all!
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College Algebra

These students are trying to figure out how much money Patrick Peterson, football player for the Arizona Cardinals, lost because he waited over a month to deposit his signing bonus of over $15 million in the bank.

Art 1

Abstract watercolor trading cards and stained glass paper cuts
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Students created three dimensional pictures. Their biggest project so far is the Notre Dame Artist Series Stools.

Art 2

Reduction Block Prints


Hope you enjoyed this snapshot of the academic life at Notre Dame High School. Stay tuned for the next edition sometime in December!