News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Dec. 10th-14th

Tidbits From the Teacher

We had a great week of study and can't wait to see what happens next week! I showed the class where this newsletter was located and we talked about how it's not a secret and rather cool to know what's coming up. They were excited to know they could see pictures of work and play going on in our classroom.

A BIG THANK YOU to Hailey and family for the Target gift card. The class cheered when they learned I'll be picking up new dry erase markers and more colored paper and sharpies for them this weekend.

I hope you get to attend the PTA event of the season on Dec. 8th! The decorations were going up on Friday in the cafeteria and they looked FANTASTIC!!! The fun is from 11-2 and I believe you can go onto the PTA website to sign up to volunteer if you have time to give.

ANOTHER THANK YOU for all of our families who gave to the Brown Santa project! Our gift box was full and the kids were super excited each time another toy appeared. Thank you families.

One last thing: I'm including a link to the RRISD school calendar proposals for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16 years. Just scroll down, down, down and read what the state requires of the district and how the district has figured out two different calendars to meet those requirements. Comments & feedback are allowed until Dec. 10th!! Check it out: Proposed Calendars

Things to Return:

-Homework on Monday

-Main Idea Baggie Project (part of HW)

Dates to Remember

Dec. 8th- Chilling in Candy Land from 11-2pm

Dec. 17th- Mrs. Caldwell's birthday!! Woo Hoo! She'll be 22!

Dec. 20th- Winter Holiday Pajama Party @ 9:15-10:30 AND last day of school for 2012!

Dec. 21-Jan. 6th- Student Holiday

Jan. 7th- First day of school for 2013!!

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will continue practicing all of our addition strategy and using our practical knowledge to also work subtraction problems that are related to addition facts we know. We'll have a math test on Monday to see what concepts still need a bit of fine tuning. There will be a grade on the test but it will not be part of the nine weeks report card. It's a way to see what math concepts are truly understood and which need more practice.

Science- We are going to be studying patterns of movement. We'll look for sliding, spinning, and rolling changes in objects and record our data. Big questions will be 'How can the changes in position of an object be recorded?' and ' How do patterns of motion compare for different objects?'

Writing- The class loves the chance to write letters and stories of their choice. It's exciting to see the class so excited to write every day. When we have library during writing time, they grumble that their writing time has been taken (but they love library!).

Reading- We are still exploring main idea and will over and over across the year. We talked about how thinking of the main idea is similar to creating a table. The main idea is the top and the details that support the main idea are the legs. We even created a main idea table ABOUT our main idea discussion together! Next up is retelling or acting out a story in logical order. Fun, fun!

Spelling/Handwriting- Spelling groups are becoming smooth and easy to manage. Everyone better understands their daily work and I'm excited to see and hear students applying the spelling rules to their writing or finding similar words in their reading! Handwriting practice has started paying off! I've noticed an increase in handwriting control and pencil grip. Students are trying to work carefully on assignments so I can punch another spot on their club cards!

Class Wish List

-Target gift cards to purchase writing supplies that students request (colored copy paper, staplers, tape dispensers, tape, writing pens in a variety of colors...)

-more dry erase board erasers

-snack size baggies

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!