News from 112

April 2016

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Attendance Numbers

Zenia has been tracking our student attendance as far as students leaving early, students arriving late and vacation days. She has it posted outside the foyer door for parents to see as well as in the lounge by the mailboxes. Our current numbers as of April 11, 2016 are:

Late Arrivals: 662

Early Dismissals: 696

Vacation Days: 568

Lunch Procedures

We will be trying out some new lunch procedures to end the school year to fine tune our procedures for the 2016-2017 school year. Our theory is that with these changes it will help with some of the congestion near the specials/lunch area. This will begin on Monday 4/25/16.


  1. Students will go to recess out door 10. There will be a TA waiting at the door for the first class. After the first class is outside, the TA will move to the sidewalk to monitor.
  2. Students will carry the lunch baskets down to the cafeteria, drop off the baskets at their table, and then go out door number 7. For those that have students bring down lunches and then put in baskets, students can continue that procedure and then exit door 7 for recess.
  3. T.A.s will begin using "Chew Time." This will be the last 5 minutes of lunch for the students to sit quietly and focus on finishing their lunch.
  4. T.A.s will also begin using a call sign to gain student attention. T.A.s will say WC and students will respond with Wolverines.
  5. When picking up your students, please make sure each teacher from the grade level is in the cafeteria on time to greet the students

Testing Updates

  • STAR testing will begin the week of April 25.
  • 4th and 5th Grade are April 25-April 29
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade are May 2-May 6
  • K and 1st Grade are May 9-May 13
  • Parent reports will go out by end of year for final STAR testing
  • PARCC is DONE! Woohoo! Thank you everyone for your flexibility with schedule changes and specialists being pulled to help with testing.
  • 5th Grade will be administering the Illinois Science Assessment starting sometime this month. More information to come.

Crisis Information

  • Please make sure your class lists are up to date on your clipboards.
  • Please make sure any changes are noted in your sub folders as well

Technology Suggestions

  • Create games/trivia that whole class can participate in
  • I just tried it out and it's pretty cool


  • Collaborative classroom games

Big Ideas Math

  • Math information, reinforcement, extension, games
  • Click blue box, Looking for Easy Access Materials
  • Choose program at bottom of page, click Go
  • Explore
  • Additional resources at bottom have good information as well


  • Create rubrics using standards
  • Create lesson plans

50 Free Tech Tools for the Classroom

  • It is what it says. Lists different websites and apps to use in the classroom


  • Poses a wonder question a day
  • Great informational texts and videos

Possible Professional Development

  • EdCamp DuPage will be coming to Wheaton at Wheaton North High School April 30 from 8:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. I recently attended EdCamp Chicago and found it very informative and fun. It was a totally new way of looking at professional development. Any questions see me or check out the website. Information can be found at Follow them on Twitter @edcampdupage
  • Remember to check out the district PD Site on the intranet under Professional Development as well as My Learning Plan