Counselor Connection

Kelso's Choice Edition

What Have We Learned?

Over the past five weeks, the second grade students and I have been learning about solving problems using a program called Kelso’s Choice. Students have learned that they are STRONG and SMART enough to solve small problems by using at least two of the options from Kelso’s wheel (see picture below). Students learned that a big problem (one that is scary, dangerous or frightening) should be shared with a trusted adult as soon as possible. Kelso also taught students that tattling and reporting are very different. Tattling means trying to get someone in trouble by telling an adult about a small problem before trying to solve it. Reporting means telling an adult about a big problem or getting help to solve a small problem if using Kelso’s Choices has not worked.

I hope that students share what they have learned with you. I encourage you to ask them to share their own personal stories of big and small problems and to discuss how you solve problems as an adult. Modeling positive conflict management and resolution skills is important for students' social and emotional growth.

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Here are books on conflict resolution, tattling, and peer relationships to check out!

  • Don't Squeal Unless it's a Big Deal by Jeanie Franz Ransom
  • Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook
  • The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf
  • The Zax by Dr. Suess

Mrs. Gerber, School Counselor