Highlights for Central Montco Technical High School Students

CMTHS Students are on the Path for Success. Watch the video to understand WHY.

Success in the New Economy - FutureBuilt

Cool Public Safety Tasks

Our Public Safety program studied Impression Evidence. The students performed experiments with pouring plaster casts of shoe imprints. The students also practiced fingerprinting and crime scene processing. Great job, Mr. Renzi and Public Safety students.
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Why Won't My Videos Play on Schoology?

This could be happening for a few reasons.

1. Are you logged into Chrome? Through some troubleshooting, we have found that some of the embedded YouTube videos will not play unless you are logged into Chrome. LOGIN TO CHROME

2. Are you getting the error code with a sad face in a gray box? Look to the top right of that box. You will see an icon that will allow you to bump out of Schoology to play in another browser. Give that a try.

3. Lastly, the video may not be playing because of the way it was uploaded and embedded in the course. Contact your teacher. They can look to see if there is another way to share the video. Sometimes a basic URL link works best.


ithelp@cmths.org OR questionhub@cmths.org

Text Dr. King at 610-880-7787

Unique Homemade Gift Ideas

9 Simple Homemade Gift Ideas
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Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest steps of your life. You won't know the importance of a moment until everything settles down. - Mr. Hughes - Networking Instructional Assistant
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Mrs. Annamaria Geary - CMTHS Receptionist/Attendance

We at CMTHS are very lucky to have Mrs. Geary as the friendly face and calming voice of CMTHS. Mrs. Geary encounters many interesting, friendly, and not so friendly people during the day and she handles them with kindness and grace. Mrs. Geary effectively manages all attendance of our 922 students from 9 high schools. Mrs. Geary has stepped up her technological game and has learned how to navigate Microsoft Excel. If you know Mrs. Geary at all, you know that this was a big feat for her to conquer. Thank you Mrs. Geary, also known as 'BASE', for taking care of all our parents, students, staff, and community members. You're simply the best. "Base to 2, Base to 2".

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