John's Random Thoughts 4/4/16

2:15 PM

Opening Weekend in a Nutshell.

What did you think about Opening Weekend?

Please ... just your personal opinion to ... and ONLY if you paid a visit to RBMC this past weekend. What did you think? Like always, will not quote you. Hey ... your reply could be as little as three words. You see, I did not make it to the river. Thinking there are many members that did not make it and like me are curious.

  1. Best opening day EVER..! Amazed at all the upgrades.
  2. Good opening crowd & Dinner @ the Lodge was GREAT!!!!!!
  3. I thought everything went smoothly, although didn't seem like that many people were there.
  4. The first 2016 weekend was good with the opening crowd being one of the largest ever out in RBMC.
  5. Good opening weekend crowd at the river! A lot of excited faces to get in that first “cart ride” on this blustery opening weekend. Hope everyone has a great day!
  6. The park was crowded. The Store and the Bar/Restaurant were extremely busy.
  7. There were a few issues, such as, 2 lots had electrical issues and these were lots that did not have the upgrades this year.
  8. A dog got loose and spooked a couple of deer. One deer crashed into 2 park vehicles and caused damage to them.
  9. Overall, I believe the opening was a success.
  10. Quiet Sunday afternoon.
  11. The rangers station/Lodge starting to look much better.
  12. The new fence at boat dock ... Very Nice.
  13. Did not get to see too much as I was busy unloading my junk into the trailer.
  14. Spent the weekend taking care of my lot with the electrical and water upgrade.
  15. Many positive comments regarding the renovations, both inside and outside the Ranger Station.
  16. Some interest in plans for fishing area.
  17. For an opening weekend the turn out was good.
  18. The interest in the upgrade was encouraging. Members were pleasingly surprised that this year there were 253 vs the 80 some last year.
  19. My golf cart was lifted up and moved by another park member while i was in the store. Not sure who or block and lot. Seems to be something different every year.

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