Endangered Species

A Global Issue by Kenadie Doty

what are Endangered Species?

Animal and plant species from all around the world are being killed, or dying to the point that the ESA, or International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources’ Red List notices of feels that they need to be placed on the list


Scientist estimate that every year over 10,000 species are going extinct. We dont really know how many species there are in the whole world, so its is hard to tell how many go extinct every day and year but some researchers estimate almsot 200-400 species a year.

Southern Sea Otter Sucess Story

Sea otters used to have thousands of its population, but because of the fur trade recently and the total population went down to about 50 sea otters. Because of the Endangered Species Act the population is now back up to around 2,800 individuals as of 2010.

Causes of the Endangerment of species

Loss of habitat is one of the main reasons that species can become endangered, humans have sped up the natral habitat loss, but in some cases such as the Florda Panther who now only lives in one east part of florda due to the damage humans had caused to its otherwise much bigger habitat. Animals genetic diversity also effects the endangerment rates as Janna Willoughby said, "Genetic diversity is a key component to the long-term survival of a population."
The Endangered Species Act: 40 Years at the Forefront of Wildlife Conservation

Humans do alot of damage to species causing endangerment and extinction

We distroy thousands and thousands of square miles of land that is a habitat to many plant and animal species and contains there homes, what they eat, and there cute little animal friends. Human polution harms alot of the remaining habatat that we did not loose due to our distruction. Poaching is also a big problem that us humans have, and some humans have over done it and they push the animals to endangerment and adventually extinction.

A Global Issue?

Animial endagment is a definatly a global issue. It dosent matter whether the animial lives in Egypt or Antarticia, there are huge amount of animials species at risk of being complelty earased from the face of the earth. With all the animals dissapearing we will loose reasources that come from them such as food, furs, and the infromation that we are able to gather from research.


We could as a world have some countries that have the endangered species ban all products, huting, and killing of the animlas or species. This worked with the Bald Eagles, our countrys national bird, who had a population very low and now has a population above and beyond what we thought we could get it back too.
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Something you can do at home!

If you dont have time or want to go out and get with the big orginazations to help with endangered species, you can do a few things just in your very own backyard. You can make your backyard wildlife friendly, not using hazordious pollutants to keep your yard looking nice, you can also not buy products made from threatened or endangered species. If we keep hurting our world and animal and plant species to being endangered and gone to extinction us humans will negitivly benifit from not having thoes species.


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