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Egypt Tour Packages are Available at Flat 15% Commission from TPT!

Whenever we think of Egypt, the Great Sphinx, Giza Pyramid, the mummies come in front of our eyes. If you love adventure and mysteries, you cannot miss the chance of exploring the Land of the Pharaohs and the Valley of the Kings.

Travel Plan Tours (TPT) organizes tours to more than 30 destinations around the world, including Egypt. In fact, currently this tour operator is providing 15% commission on all Egypt tour packages. TPT offers guided tours in different areas of the Land of the Pharaohs. The guides are all local and experienced having in-depth knowledge of all routes. They know the history of each place, so tourists can gather detailed information from them.

11 Day Egypt Dahabeya

Starting at price $2,399, this guided tour will let you live like a King or Queen on a luxury sailboat along the river Nile. During this 11 day Egypt tour, you will get to travel on a beautifully crafted Dahabeya Nile sailboat which offers excellent personalized services and food. Dahabeya Cruises were originally built to carry celebrities and Royal families, and now TPT allows people to sail on these luxury pleasure boats on the Nile River. Tourists will get to visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt along with Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Aswan.

13 Day Egyptian Safari and Cruise

Starting from $1,790, this Egypt travel package will let you explore the famous black and white desert and have a breathtaking view of the adjoining sceneries. You will pass through the roman water spring and the crystal mountain and get to discover the historical sites Egypt is famous for. During this 13 day journey, tourists will also get a chance to explore the fascinating Nile River.

5 Day Desert Expedition

Those of you who don’t have that much time in hand to discover Egypt for a longer period, TPT has this 5 day Egypt travel tour exclusively for you. You will drive North-west toward the Mediterranean coastline to the World War II cemeteries of El Alamein. Then, the tour operator will take you to the common wealth cemetery. Day trips also include a trip to the historical sites of Siwa. Afternoons are meant for desert safaris! Starting from $1,900, this tour package also includes visiting the Libyan market – Siwa, Marsa Matrouh, and Cairo.

9 Day Safari Adventure

Starting from $1,554, this travel package will take you through Cairo, Luxor, Baharia, White Desert, Kharga and Dakhla. Travelers will get an enthralling view of the desert and the captivating surroundings. You will get an opportunity to travel through the great sand sea and witness an outstanding variety of black, white and rose desert decorated by sand dunes, colored stones and water springs!

12 Day Egypt & Turkey Combinations

If you wish to explore more than one country at a time, the combined 12 Day Egypt & Turkey package is for you. Starting from $1,699, you will get to discover the old world charm and rich history of Cairo - Aswan - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Luxor – Esna along with Istanbul in Turkey.

Author Bio: The writer is an expert in the field of Egypt Travel Tour with focus on Christian Tours.