Salsa Music

The history of salsa music and salsa dancing!

History of Salsa

Salsa music came from Cuba. It started to be known as “salsa music” in the 1970’s. It originated from Cuban and Puerto Rican dance music.The musical influence of salsa is romance.

Characteristics of Salsa Music

Salsa is a ‘partner dance’ meaning the man leads and the woman follows his steps. In salsa, the hips of the dancers, both man and woman, are always moving. Salsa music has four beats per measure but the dancers only take steps on three of the beats, leaving a pause for one beat. This is often confusing for beginners. Beginners could count it like step, step, step, pause to get the hang of it. The dance includes both turn patterns as well as moments where the couple could separate and dance apart for a breif time before retuning to the salsa dance together.

Salsa Music is connected to the dance know as salsa dancing.

Salsa Today

Salsa music and dance has not changed much over the years. It is still closely associated with big parties and events. To hear some modern day salsa music played at parties, click here!