What does it take?


Wanna know what it takes to get into Harvard?

Have you ever wondered what kind of students get into top colleges such as Harvard, Standard, or even MIT? Or have you ever pondered what a student who was accepted into a local college such as UNI got on their SAT? If so, admitsee.com is the website for you. This company provides for the user a detailed description of students who were accepted into any college one could think of. This entails information such as their class rank, GPA, SAT scores, and so much more. The website personally pays the students to share their college application as well; therefore the user is given access to essays, credentials, and the like that illustrate exactly what it takes.
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There's More!

Admitsee offers the capability of a current high school student to track and compare their progress and other scholastic statistics to other students who had similar information. This feature enables the student to see where, at the given point of time, they are in regards to students who got into their choice schools. The feature goes even further to match the student with a college they would be likely to be accepted into.
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Even More!...

Admitsee.com does not stop there with the help they provide for high school students. This website additionally provides paid, at-home internships for high school seniors with interests in journalism, web design/development, and several other fields. Nevertheless, anyone looking to make an extra buck can sign up, but be warned, they are really selective because of the weight of the opportunity.
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Unfortunately, things of this quality are not free; there are several different plans one can pay for to view the different student profiles the website displays. One may choose between 5 different packages priced from $25 to $75. These packages each provide unlimited access to the student profiles of those in whatever college you may choose; however, depending on the package, you may only be able to view unlimited profiles from 1 to 10 colleges.
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Moreover, one is able to garner credits towards purchasing profiles through simple actions such as completing a free account (with your email and/or facebook) and uploading one's own information for the progress calculator mentioned above. In fact, when the creation of the free account is completed, one free profile is given as well as $10 towards viewing additional profiles.

That is not to say that one cannot view any profiles without paying any money: viewing profiles is free. The only drawback is the smaller amount of information provided through this method. For example, one could the SAT scores, GPA, extracurriculars, and previews of the college application essays of any given student, but other information such as the classes taken, full essays, and awards may be withheld without a purchase.

Notwithstanding, the website presents incredible features in a simple, easy to use format. If you want to know just what it takes, visit admitsee.com today!