Preserving Forests

Make the world a greener place!

Introduction To The Forests

There is another world out there. A world filled with wildlife and oxygen. A world where the animals can roam freely and the trees sway in the breeze. Its a wonderful world, it really is. But will it still be if we cut down all the trees. Will it be the same? Our forests are an important part of our world, and lets be honest, we'd be nothing without them. So lets make a difference. Lets preserve our forests.

The Importance of Our Forests

Picture this:

You are a bird. A bird whose home is a forest. You fly out to find food for your family. You leave for at least 1 hour. You are excited. You are thrilled to come back, and surprise your family with the feast. But once you get home, you drop your worms in awe. Your home has been destroyed. Every single little bit of it. Your family has fled, or possibly died. Now, you have no place to go. Desperate to find shelter, you fly off to somewhere and finally settle in a highly populated city. Somewhere that you were now forced to call "home".

Don't do this to the birds. Don't do this to the animals of the forest. These animals depend on these forests, so don't let them down.

Why should I support this cause?

So why should YOU support this cause? There are so many ways that preserving forests can benefit us humans. We can use the forests as valuable resources for medicine. Lots of plants there can be used as a main ingredient in many life changing medicines. If we destroy forests, there will be less ways to access this medicine. Another reason is that
animals that used to live in the forest can wonder off to the city. This can become a hazard to the local citizens and pets because these animals may be dangerous and are meant to be in the wild.

What can I do?

So at this point, you may be wondering what you can do to help this cause. To be honest, you can do so many things to help, such as donating money to save the forests or planting trees. You can even join an organization! Some good websites you can start out with are and

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