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Newsletter 11.22, 2019

Curriculum Corner

Club Registration

We know our Osceola Science community is eagerly waiting for club sign-up confirmations! We are nearly finished, be expecting to hear from us this evening.

i-Ready Winter Administration

Our Winter i-Ready Assessment Window will begin on 12/4-12/9. Your child’s teacher will communicate their scheduled testing dates the week of 12/2.

We highly encourage all parents to discuss testing expectations with their children in hopes that all students put forth their best effort during their i-Ready Window Assessment.

i-Ready Instruction delivers powerful online lessons that motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth. Driven by insights from the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready’s online K–8 lessons provide tailored instruction that meets students where they are in their learning journey and encourages them as they develop new skills.

i-Ready Instruction:

  • Taps into the rich data from the i-Ready Diagnostic to deliver personalized learning paths to growth for each student, balancing rigor and reachability
  • Meets learners at their level, helps them problem solve, and keeps them motivated to continue their progress
  • Provides digital instruction that is proven to drive gains for students at all levels and is backed by evidence for ESSA

i-Ready Reports will be sent home by the end of the testing window. These reports will be providing you with valuable information regarding your child’s performance in Reading and Mathematics.

3rd Grade FSA Night

OSCS is hosting their annual 3rd Grade FSA Night on Thursday, December 5th @ 6PM. This information session will focus on providing parents detailed information regarding statewide assessments and Portfolio requirements. Thank you in advance to all parents that are planning on attending as your continuous support is key in a child’s academic success.


Parents & community!

We love your dedication and enthusiasm for volunteering and visiting our campus! To make campus entry run more smoothly we ask that you ensure you are OASIS approved through Osceola County School District utilizing the link below. You can not enter our school without prior acceptance for the safety of our students. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Photo Retake Day ! Dec. 6

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Picture Retake Day (optional)

Osceola Science!

If your students missed the first picture day or if you'd like retakes we will be hosting picture retake day on Friday Dec 6th 2019. You can order photos utilizing the picture ID on

Playground progress

Our students are so excited for the playground to be complete! Check out the photos above to view the progress. The playground is projected to be ready by the end of Fall break.
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3rd-5th Grade Music Update

Greetings 3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents and students! I am beyond excited to be teaching music here at OSCS. It's been very refreshing to have all of my students in one location. The time has come for 3-5th grade students to start playing recorders on a regular basis in music class. If your child already has a recorder please have them bring it to school. Their recorder can be stored in their classroom if their teacher's wish. Otherwise they should remain in their backpacks at all times. If your child is in need of a recorder you can purchase one for $5 from the front office! Please email our Music director, Mr. Humphries at with any questions! Thank you!

Welcome Back Picnic last Saturday Nov 16th

On a beautiful and refreshing Saturday afternoon we hosted our first picnic at our campus. It was a opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy our new building as well as some delectable treats.
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Updates from the classrooms!

Grades K-3

From Physical Education to reading with our partners we have had an excellent week. We are featuring photos of our Kindergarten class at P.E. class and reading with their 5th grade buddies.

Grades 4-6

Our 4th grade science class applying their knowledge of matter through experiments!

This week's teacher feature

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Physical Education Coaches Revelles & Gray

Mrs. D'Amico's (Our School Counselor) Office

Middle School & K-5 Buddy Program

To Middle School Parents:

This week, I went into classes to talk with students about rumors and the importance of not believing and spreading information that you hear from others second hand. There has been a lot of conversation amongst our middle schoolers about “dating” and “crushes”, so as a part of this conversation, I also talked with students about ensuring that their interest in these topics doesn’t get in the way of their academics. I encouraged students to talk with their parents and guardians about their family’s rules around dating and relationships. If you have not already spoken with your child about your expectations around dating, next week’s vacation may be a good opportunity to do so. If you are unsure how to approach this topic with your child, I am always available for consultation and assistance!

K-5 Buddy Program first meeting!

On Wednesday, our Buddy program kicked off with our first meeting. While we were in separate campuses, students in grades K and 5 were paired up with each other and exchanged letters and cards between campuses. This week, the students were so excited to meet in person! They spent time coloring and talking about this month’s theme: gratitude. All students had a fun time getting to meet their buddy, and they are looking forward to our next meeting in December.

Sharks Sport Center

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Our Lady Shark's Volleyball team with our mascot

2020-2021 Re-Enrollment

Hello Osceola Science Parents !

It’s time to start the 2020-2021 re-enrollment process. We sent an email out today with a link for you to fill out the re-enrollment form. Please make sure you are filling this out for each student you have at Osceola Science Charter. If you have additional students (siblings only) that want to attend our school next year you must list them on the form, and then fill out an application for them on our website. Very important to make sure you have selected the 2020-2021 school year application.

On a side note: Please, please call us or email us if your email address has changed! We need to keep our records updated as often as possible to prevent you missing out on newsletters and important emails from our staff. Please communicate any changes with us so we can update your student’s records appropriately. (If you did not get this re-enrollment survey, your email address may be outdated, please contact us to make sure we have the correct email for you on file!)

Thank you!

If you were unable to recieve the re-enrollment email please forward your information to

PE Donations

From our department,

Hello OSCS community,

We are looking to build the best PE and athletic department that we can offer your children. Our goal is to give them a broad and balanced curriculum with multiple different sports and activities to keep them entertained and engaged in every lesson. We will be collecting equipment to offer these sports, but we are also asking for any donations from you that could help the department. If you have old or unused items such as baseball gloves, hula hoops in your house or garage, they could help our department. We have put together a list of items new or used it does not matter that could benefit your children in the long run. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact Coach Gareth John, gareth.john@osceolascienceorg

Please see the list below for what we need urgently

Have a great and restful Fall break

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Fall break Nov. 25-29th

Classes will resume Dec 2, 2019