Fulcrum Scholarships!!

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Fulcrum Foundation Scholarships: $1300 to Students Who Qualify!

The Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant program is designed for families and students currently enrolled in any Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Seattle. A family must apply each year through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to qualify for a grant—all awards are made based on financial need. The award for elementary students who will be in grades K - 8 for next year will be $1300 per student who qualifies. Students who will be in Pre-K 3 or 4 NEXT YEAR do NOT need to apply, as they will not qualify. If you think there is any possibility you will need assistance of any kind, please make sure that you apply through Fulcrum. The school will only provide financial assistance to families who have applied through Fulcrum FIRST. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to check in with Nina at office@holyrosarybilingual.org or 253-272-7012.

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Who Needs to Apply?? And Who Doesn't?


You are a family who is receiving ANY financial assistance (or would like to be) and you will be returning to Holy Rosary for the 2020-21 school year with a student in grades K - 8. Whether you ultimately qualify for the Fulcrum scholarship, does NOT matter. If you are requesting any financial assistance from Holy Rosary, you MUST first complete your application through Fulcrum.


  1. You pay the full tuition amount that the school bills out each year or
  2. Your child will be in either Pre-K 3 or Pre-K 4 NEXT year (20-21) or
  3. Your child is graduating*/you are not returning to HR.

The current full-pay tuition amounts are:

  • $ 7,150 for Pre-K
  • $ 6,200 for 1 Student (K - 8)
  • $ 11,000 for 2 Students (K - 8)
  • $ 14,100 for 3 Students (K - 8)

*You can also apply for students going to a Catholic High School and those awards are $1,450 per student who qualifies.

We will be introducing the 20-21 tuition rates in January.

What happens if I miss the deadline OR decide not to apply?

Families who do not get their application 100% completed with ALL documents uploaded will not be able to receive a discounted tuition rate for 2020-21. They will be expected to pay the full tuition amount with no exceptions. So, make sure you get everything in, complete, and verified by the deadline.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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Scholarship Application: The Process...How Do I Apply?


Time Frame:

Oct 1 - Dec. 6: Families apply for aid online

Dec. 9 - Jan. 4: Fulcrum will verify applications

Feb. 21, 2020: Preliminary determination is made and schools are notified

Feb. 28, 2020: Notification is made to families as to who received a scholarship for 2020-21 and letters are mailed home

Application Fee:

Each family will pay a $29 fee to FACTS to apply for Fulcrum tuition assistance. The fee is no longer reimbursed by Fulcrum.

Log in to: https://www.fulcrumfoundation.org/grants-and-programs/tuition-assistance to complete the application. All documents MUST be uploaded (nothing scanned or faxed to Fulcrum). If you need to scan a document in so that you can upload, our scanner is available to you in the front office!

As a reminder, submitting the application online is just the FIRST STEP. All applicants must also provide supporting documentation, like tax forms and W-2’s, which have to be uploaded. Applications can only be verified and processed once all necessary documentation is submitted. It takes FACTS about 14 business day to process applications once paperwork is received, so the sooner it’s submitted, the better. The school deadline for applications is Dec. 6th...No Exceptions! All parts of the application must be completed and all documents uploaded at this time.

What Do I Need to Complete the Application?

  • A copy of last year's Tax Returns
  • Amount of your monthly rent, utilities, insurance, car payments, debt
  • Amount available in savings, other income, etc
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as vacations
  • Make sure to list all expenses, as this helps to qualify you.


The window for 2019-20 Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) applications officially opened on October 1st, 2019. All applications must be complete and submitted by Friday, December 6th (with ALL documents submitted/uploaded by that date). Please do not delay this process, though, as issues can arise with your application so it is good to give yourself enough time to locate documents or address problems with the application so that we can assist. Please remember that Fulcrum needs a couple of weeks processing time and, with the Christmas break, the Dec. 6th deadline allows a couple of weeks in case there are glitches with your application. So, get them in as soon as possible, but no later than Dec. 6th!

VERY IMPORTANT: Any family seeking ANY financial assistance for tuition from Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy MUST first apply through the Fulcrum Grant Application before they will be granted ANY financial assistance through the school.

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Do You Need a Computer or Computer Help?

If you would like to use a school computer to complete the online application, please schedule a time with Ms. Nina (office@holyrosarybilingual.org or 253-272-7012) so that she can have a computer available for you to use.