Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin

Class Update 11/10/14

Dates and Events to Remember

  • November 11th Classroom Guidance Mrs. Hardage
  • November 12th Fun Fitness 7:15am in Gym
  • November 13th Early Release Day- dismiss 11:40am
  • November 14th Second Grade Town Meeting 9:15am
  • November 17th-19th Book Fair (Family Event 11/17 4:00-6:15pm)

  • November 20th,21st,24th,25th Winter Workshop 9:30-10:30am in Second Grade Classrooms
  • November 26th-28th Thanksgiving Holidays


This week in Chapter 3, students will rewrite and add two digit numbers. The steps they will follow include:

  1. Add the ones
  2. Regroup if needed
  3. Then add the tens

We will have a fact quiz on Thursday even with Early Release. Students can practice facts on Quizlet to increase fact fluency. This site has interactive flashcards and games students can play to learn facts. Students may need to study the same set of facts for more than one week before moving on to a new set.

Language Arts

Students will go back to the text to find answers to questions in reading. They will learn how to "turn the question around," to start their answer in a complete sentence.

This week in spelling lesson 24, we will study words with added suffixes- s and -es

Spellingcity is a popular site to practice.

In writing, students will write an opinion piece about the First Thanksgiving. They will decide if they would like to attend and then explain their answer.


We will review and wrap up our science unit on weather mid-week. Next we will begin our social studies unit on economics.

Each student will have the opportunity to be the "meteorologist for the day" by sharing the weather forecast at morning meeting in our classroom. Please assist your child on their day to prepare the forecast. Visit this link and enter zip code to see daily weather forecast.

Scholastic Book Club- Optional

If you are interested in ordering books for your child, preview the following site.

Scholastic Book Club.

Our class code is HGT62.

We receive free books for our classroom with every order. Thank you!


If you would like to order your child a yearbook, here is the link to the order form.

Orders are due by Dec. 10th.

Yearbook Order Form