February Newsletter

February 16, 2019 Week 3

Mrs. Fortunato’s Message

Although the snow day made our school week super short, it was filled with awesome learning and wonderful celebrations. On Valentine's Day, grades K-3 learned about Saint Valentine and each class celebrated with a special activity. Friendship, kindness and love were evident as I visited the classrooms. Our 5th graders worked together and made beautiful magnets that will be given to our senior parishioners on Thursday, February 21. We are hosting a breakfast and tour of our school Thursday morning after 9:00 am Mass. Our 6th, 7th and 8th graders met as a group in the Multi Purpose room and participated in a "Kindness" Escape Room, presented by our counselor Mrs. Severson. The students were divided into groups and engaged in various activities throughout the 40 minute period. There was surprise and laughter as they experienced positive interactions with their peers. They successfully learned the meaning of acceptance, trust and empathy. You have to admit, motoring through an obstacle course blindfolded is not an easy task!

The Professional Development Day was a blessing of time for our faculty. After Mass, our teachers dedicated the morning to collaborating on aligning our Language Arts curriculum on each grade level while connecting academic standards. The afternoon session focused on the New Generation Science Standards, while our non science teachers learned about the Project Based Learning teaching approach. Project Based Learning (PBL) is intriguing, because it focuses on teaching students how to integrate knowing and doing. As a result, research proves that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active involvement in real-world challenges and problems.

You should know.....while the faculty was busy at work, our school's support staff took advantage of having a student-free day. They worked hard scrubbing and cleaning classrooms, bathrooms and offices. In addition, a window company arrived to install protective film on exterior glass doors in the elementary school and Early Education buildings. As a result, you are not able to see through the glass from the outside. However, we are able to see out from the inside.

The Gala is almost here! The committee is incredibly busy paying attention to important details. Please consider signing up to volunteer for a short time during the Gala. Perhaps you are not able to attend, but have an hour or so to help out. Please go to our school's web site and tap on the volunteer button for available opportunities. I hope to see you at the Gala!


Teachers Never Stop Learning!

Faculty shared their passion, ideas and knowledge as we attended professional learning sessions throughout the morning and afternoon.


Thursday, Feb. 21st, 9:30am

314 Old Allerton Road


Please come to the elementary school after 9:00 am Mass! We are hosting a breakfast and school tour in your honor! We are looking to show off our students, teachers and fabulous school building. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and teach you about what goes on at Immaculate Conception School during a regular school day.