By: Harman and Noah

Who invited makeup?

Scientist's actually don't know who invited makeup. However, the oldest evidence of makeup was clay containers that contained color palettes of black eye paint, green eye shadow and pigments used as lip stains. They were found in a tomb in Karnak, Egypt.

Makeup Throughout History!!!

Women's Makeup Throughout History

"Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something about your inner self". -James Fatiardos

We Wear Makeup for OURSELEVES! What?

Let's get something's straight.

1) Girls don't always wear makeup for guys. Don't falter yourself! (Do you honestly think I bought the Mac "Whirl" lipstick for you? If you do, you must be stupid)

2)Guy's CAN wear makeup too!!!

3) Putting on makeup doesn't make you more beautiful than you are. You're already beautiful, your just bringing out your features.

How to Apply Eye Shadow