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For the week of December 3 thru December 7

Monthly News

Late Start: Dec. 11

Holiday Program December 14

Winter break: Dec 22 - Jan 7


Conferences become the perfect opportunity to see where we are and decide where we want to be in a few months. The first six weeks of school we learn the routine and the expectations. Now we are more than ready to go. We have talked about what goals we would like to accomplish. This would be a good time to talk to your child about the goals they would like to establish as we head into the next quarter.

A goal your child might set could be:

Improved spelling percentage

A P.E. goal

Improved weekly reading test scores

A music goal

Learning all the multiplication facts- cold

Always above 80% on math tests

15 minutes on IXL at least 3 times a week

Bookopoly goal

Kahn Academy goal

Special Project goal

The list is endless. If you have questions about what kind of goal your child might set, feel free to contact me.

What's Happening in Math Right Now?

The above website is a fantastic way to practice what we are doing right now in math. At the moment we are on Unit 4 on lesson 4.8. Keep this website handy to practice what we are doing in class at home.

We are working on decimals. Ask your child if they can say the following decimals:

4.5 34.08 .809 .008

Then while you're at it, try measuring some objects using millimeters, centimeters and meter.


BRAINBUSTERS is an optional brain stretching activity. I introduced this activity to the class today. My classes have been participating in Brainbusters for the past five years. I keep a list of BRAINBUSTER accomplishments posted in our classroom. So some of the BRAINBUSTER stars are in high school by now.

You and your child are welcome to explore the site. BRAINBUSTERS is a link on our class website. If you go to - Schools- Kennedy - Fourth Grade - Mrs. Dickau you will find BRAINBUSTERS. You can also click on the site above. Happy exploring!

Reading in Room 117

We have just finished taking the Unit 2 Reading Test. Look for the tests in the Tuesday folders in the next few weeks. Again, feel free to contact me about the tests.


Spelling Core Words: class, piece, surface, river, common

Unit 3 Week 1

Reading Theme: Roadrunner’s Dance

Reading Vocabulary Words: interfere, awkward, proclaimed, agile, guardian, tottered

Reading Strategy: Using a Thesaurus, Synonyms

Reading Skills: Author’s Purpose

Grammar Skill: Action Verbs

Writing Lesson: Writing a Dialogue

Enjoy your weekend!

Anne Dickau