16 Candles

A boy, a girl, a wedding, and a forgotten birthday

Plot: Sams 16th birthday is coming up and so is her sisters wedding. What happens when her crush notices her, a freshman annoys her, and her grandparents come to town along with their foreign exchange student.

Character: Samantha Baker, Long Duk Dong, Jake Ryan, tell the story of a girl on her 16th birthday

Thought: The theme of this movie is that if you wait it out everything will be okay in the longrun

Diction: "I loathe the bus." "What's happenin', hot stuff?" "Stop frowning, its bad for your complexion" Just the average things highschool students say to each other.

Sound: AC/DC and Queen some classic songs by some classic people in a classic movie

Spectacle: Because who doesn't want to relive their glory days in highschool.