Alex Blank Hour 9

5 Tips on Netiquette

  1. When you are writing an e-mail or a message in a chat room, Facebook, and other online venues make sure you DO NOT WRITE THEM IN ALL CAPS. It may present that you are shouting.
  2. Think about when you are talking to someone the tone of your voice shows your emotion. So when you send a message on Facebook, on chat rooms, or on twitter make sure to use something like a smiley face or something to represent emotion.
  3. When you send an e-mail make sure you keep it short and sweet and to the point!, People these days get their e-mails on their phones. Tiny screens make it hard to read small and long messages.
  4. To shorten messages use abbreviations.
  5. everything that you post, e-mail, or send on a chat room can not be taken back. Someone could copy it and spread it around or it could come back and haunt you later.

Facebook & Twitter Tips

  • Don't post something every 5 seconds. Also don't post selfies or your emotions nobody cares
  • Don't except friend request to people you don't know in person
  • It's fine if you want to make a facebook page to advertise something and invite your friends to join but remember don't bug them with it
  • If you tag your friends in a picture employers are known for looking at social media. Do you really want to be responsible for your buddy losing his/her job
  • Following everyone that follows you doesn't have to be an option just check there profile out before you decide to follow them also
  • Repeatedly requesting for your information to be re-tweeted is annoying if the person likes it they will re-tweet it

Better E-mail ettiquate

1. Be informal not sloppy

2. Keep messages brief and to the point

3. Don't use e-mail as an excuse for personal contact

4. E-mails are not private

5. Your sarcasm can't be heard in an e-mail so use smiley faces or just don't make the joke

6. Always be descriptive when typing the subject line don't just say hi, or that person may think it's junk mail and delete it.