New Year Newsletter

Middle School Leadership Challenge!

Sutherlin FFA students visited the middle school for two days, teaching in the PE classes. Their activities taught important leadership and teamwork skills. Our members had so much fun getting to know the future members and sharing their experiences throughout FFA.

Holiday Movie Night!

Last week, we hosted a holiday movie night for our members to come and enjoy. We watched Elf and got in the holiday spirit! It was a great chance for our members to have some fun right before Winter Break!
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District Vet Science!

This past week our members headed to Oakland High School to compete in the District Vet Science competition. They were tasked with several different practicums involving administering shots, haltering animals, and applying different medicines. They also had to test their knowledge by identifying different veterinary tools and completing a knowledge test. Our members practiced hard for this competition and ended up being very successful! Our advanced team placed FIRST and our beginning team placed SECOND! On to State!

Adv High Individuals:

1 - Ashley R!

2 - Alexis C!

3 - Kaybie R!

6 - Karleigh S!

7 - Emaly M!

8 - Rylynn M!

11 - Rylie S!

13 - Sierra B!

Beg High Individuals:

1 - Teaghan R!

4 - Zack R!

5 - Addison R!

9 - Twig E!

Greenhand Night

This month our chapter meeting is our Annual Greenhand Night! This meeting is a big night for all of our freshmen "greenhands" and we will officially recognize them as a part of our chapter. This is also a big night for our seniors, as they will share memories of their time in FFA and reflect on their growth. All parents are also welcome at this meeting to get a feel for what our chapter is all about!
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Light Parade!

Our chapter worked hard the past couple of weeks putting together our annual light parade float! Every year our members enjoy being a part of the Sutherlin Timber Town Light Parade! We came up with a design based off of the Nutcracker theme and worked every day after school to put it together. Several members made it on Saturday night and were able to ride the float through Central. We had a blast!!