MVCC Student Employee Newsletter

January 2015

In this Issue:

  • The Difference Between Budgeted and Work Study Student Employment
  • Tips from a Fellow Student Employee
  • Nominate Your Supervisor!
  • Upcoming Job Resource Center Events

Welcome to a new semester! The purpose of this newsletter is to assist student employees in understanding expectations and policies in order to retain student employment positions and develop stronger transferable and adaptable skills. If you would like to see a certain topic, question, issue or concern addressed in this newsletter please e-mail with suggestions.

The Difference Between Budgeted and Work Study Student Employment

  • Work-study student employees are paid out of a financial-aid amount granted to them through their financial aid package with MVCC. Students must apply for financial aid this package in order to receive it. For more information on how to apply contact Financial Aid (708) 974-5726.
  • Budgeted student employees are paid out of the department's budget rather than financial aid, hence the term "budgeted".
  • Both work-study and budgeted student employment positions are on-campus positions whose application processes both are processed through College Central Network
  • Students who qualify for work-study may apply to either work-study or budgeted student employment positions. Students who do not qualify for work-study may not apply to work-study designated positions.
  • To find out whether you are budgeted or work-study you may ask your supervisor, or contact the Job Resource Center at (708) 974-5737
  • Both types of student employees must be enrolled in 6 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters.
  • During the summer semester, work-study student employees must be enrolled in 6 credit hours and budgeted student employees must be enrolled in 3 credit hours.
  • Both types of student employees may not work more than 20 hours while classes are in session, however different rules for working over breaks apply to both categories.
  • Budgeted student employees may work up to 25 hours while classes are out of session during winter and spring breaks. During the summer semester while enrolled in at least 3 credit hours budgeted student employees may work up to 25 hours a week.
  • Work-study student employees may not work while classes are not in session, during winter and spring break. During the summer semester work-study student employees must be enrolled in 6 credit hours and may only work 20 hours a week.

Tips from a Fellow Student Employee for Job Success: Maggie Naser

Maggie Naser currently works in the Job Resource Center as a Clerical Student Employee. Below are five tips she has for all student employees to retain their positions and succeed:

1. Always be professional. When your friends are your clients, they need to be treated as clients and not given any special treatment like skipping ahead in line. A few ways to maintain a professional demeanor are to be on-time to work, or event five-minutes early, put away your cell-phone, stay off of social media sites like Facebook Twitter and Instagram, and save socializing for after work.

2. Always keep the lines of communication open with your supervisors and co-workers. This can be accomplished by asking questions and paraphrasing what you have been instructed to do to clarify expectations. Ask your supervisor how they would like to be notified if you are going to be late or absent to work.

3. Master your tasks by giving yourself time to learn your role. Take notes during your training that you can refer back to when necessary.

4.Remain open to constructive feedback, it may not always be easy to hear, but it will help you do well in your position. The more graciously you take such feedback the more your employer will have faith in your abilities.

5. Put your best foot forward, take the knowledge that you learn and apply it to your future career goals. One way to do this is to reflect on the skills you are developing in your student employment position and consider how they will be useful as you progress through your studies and career.

In addition to these tips you can log on to College Central Network and browse any of the free career advice podcasts to continue your professional development.

Nominate Your Supervisor for Best Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

Each year Moraine Valley works hard to recognize all of the efforts of both student employees and supervisors during National Student Employment Week. The JRC encourages all student employees to nominate supervisors who:

  • Provide mentorship and meaningful work experiences
  • Help connect what you are learning in the classroom to the world of work
  • Include you with the professional staff in your department

If you think your supervisor fits the above qualities, nominate them to show them how much you appreciate their effort.

To nominate your supervisor please fill out the Student Employment Supervisor of the Year Nomination Form that was e-mailed to your student e-mail. You may submit your nomination by e-mailing a completed nomination form to: or turn it into the Job Resource Center Building S, room 202.

Upcoming Job Resource Center Events

Mock Interview Day

Wednesday, February 18

2:00-5:00 PM

Building M Moraine Rooms

Students must call the job resource center (708) 974-5737 to reserve a practice interview slot

Students must bring at least two copies of their resume

Business attire required

Non-Traditional Career Panel

Wednesday, February 25

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Fogelson Theater (T Building)

Students are encouraged to come learn about the exciting opportunity of pursuing career paths that are not typically encouraged to males and females. Light refreshments will be served.

Job and Internship Fair

Thursday, March 26

2:00 - 5:00 PM

Building M, Moraine Rooms

Open to students, alumni and community members, come meet and network with potential employers

Resume required for entrance, business attire required