Update after March 14 Due Date

Hello, this is the latest grade update.

Our 18 and 16 Week students have completed a module on Al Aeropuerto.

Their Vocabulary Projects have been excellent, with lots of images of planes, passports, round trip tickets, suitcases, and boarding passes. They are ready to travel!

Please do continue to let your students know that they are doing a great job in this course!

If some students need a little push, please remind them that time is short before the end of the term. Spring Break is April 7 through 11 for Georgia Virtual School, and after that, there is less than a month until May 9 - the absolute end of the course - with exams having occurred before then.

Now back to Al Aeropuerto and a look at a student's presentation:


As the 14 Week and 12 Week Students are in La Comida and La Ropa Modules, while the 16 and 18 weekers ar moving into a new module.

Las Estaciones is the title of the Module.

In this module, the main vocabulary topics are seasons, weather, and relevant activities. Continuing to use the past tense is a main grammar point. A surprising cultural focus is the bullfight!