Amazing Australia



Australia is 330 meters on average above sea level, so this means it is the lowest continent in the world. The Outback of Australia is the dry interior. The interior is mostly desert, and it is an extremely rural area. This is because of its less than optimal living conditions. However, the southeastern part of Australia, known as New South Wales, is where most people live, being a tropical environment,


Australia is both a continent and a country, not touching any other country/continent. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Australia is also in the Southern Hemisphere, so when it is winter in America, it is summer in Australia. The largest city in Australia is Sydney, followed up by Melbourne and Brisbane,


Because it is on the Southern hemisphere, Australia's summer is December through March, and winter is June through September. The northern gets the most rain in Australia, and is the tropical part of Australia. Central Australia is mostly desert, known as the Outback. Most areas don't get more than ten inches of rain every year!


Australia has multiple natural resources, and gets good economic growth off them. These include gold, silver, uranium, coal, and iron. Australia leads the world in resources like bauxite, titanium and diamonds. In the mid-1800s, Australia had a gold rush. This eventually died down, and Australia's government started using gold for trade. Australians also grow resources such as grains.

Move to Australia

Australia has so many interesting aspects, and if you move there, preferably an urban area along the east coast, in an urban area like 80% of other Australians. Because of these wonderful aspects of Australia, moving wouldn't be such a bad choice. Nearly everyone that moved there hasn't regretted it, after all.