Counseling Corner

JCMES School Counselor; Amy Hull, M.Ed; Ed.S

Welcome Back Parents & Students!

Hello Families & Students,

My name is Amy Hull and I am the Full-time School Counselor at JCMES! I am super excited to see your families and our students again. This year to increase communication, I will be using the Counselor Corner to post community resources and information throughout the school year. I want your student to have a successful school year. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions and/or concerns throughout the year.

Together we all can make this year outstanding!

Role of the School Counselor in RCPS

As a key part of a child's education in Rockingham County, the elementary school counseling program helps students develop healthy attitudes and appropriate life skills. This program is intended to help all children, not just those who are having trouble.

Counselors use a planned approach to support healthy social, emotional and educational growth. The plan includes helping children understand themselves and others, make wise choices, and become productive citizens of our society. Because it is recognized that families, communities and schools are all important to a child's success, counselors promote supportive relationships between all of those involved in a child's life.