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description of Hemophilia

Hemophilia ( Factor VIII or classic Hemophilia) Is a genetic disorder that comes from a defective clotting protein called F VIII. Hemophilia cause people to bleed more than the average person and in some cases internally bleed. It is a disease that can be passed down genetically but can also occur from random mutation. 1 in every 5,000 births results in hemophilia

Who it affects

Since hemophilia is carried on the X chromosome it is passed down from women and manly occurs in men. Women if they get a defective X chromosome they will just get another one from there father but if a man gets one it will result in hemophilia. Hemophilia is not passed on in men because it is recessive. This disorder occurs in all ethnicity's

Treatment and cure

As it stands there is no cure for hemophilia, However there is treatment for it. 75% of people diagnosed with hemophilia are infused with through there vein with a recombination factor product like, F VIII or clotting factor. The more severe the Hemophilia-A the more frequently the person would have to check up. People can find out if they have Hemophilia-a at any Hemophilia treatment center