What's Happening in Fourth Grade

It's September!

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This week we will wrap up our first unit. We have been building a community of readers. We have learned how to share our ideas as reading partners, and what to do when reading gets difficult. At our reading celebration on Friday we will make bookmarks that show our favorite kinds of books and strategies we can use if we struggle when reading new texts.


Our launching unit will also finish this week. Students will work on the leads of the their personal narratives and practice paragraphing. At our Publishing Party on Friday 4th graders will silently share their writing in a gallery walk. For grammar and conventions, we will do a quick review punctuating declarative sentences.

Social Studies

Students will finish learning about the regions of Texas. Next up, Native American Tribes in Texas!


This week, students will be going to the science lab to explore tools scientists use. They will also explore the three states of matter. Ask your child to identify the three states of matter in and around your home.


Your child will continue learning about place value this week. Students will be learning to use estimation to determine reasonable answers. We will also begin looking at decimal place value into the hundredths place.

Decimal Place Value Game: