Nuclear Energy

By: Catherine Fuselier

How nuclear energy is made

Nuclear energy is made from splitting nuclei atoms (nuclear fission). It can also be made from the uniting of nuclei atoms (nuclear fusion).

Nuclear energy is renewable

Nuclear energy is renewable because we will alwase have nuclei atoms. The "nuclei" is part of an atom. There is no burning fuel involved.

Percentadge in the US

Bout 17% of energy in the US is nuclear energy.

Jobs/ Organazations or nuclear energy

there is the Anti-nuke Organization, the Department of Energy, etc...

Advantages of having nuclear energy

  • Cost to donate can be as low as $25.
  • Nuclear energy does not pollute the air, land, or water.
  • Nuclear power plants are NOT usually by where people live.
  • Nuclear energy is efficient energy source

Disadvantages of have nuclear energy

  • Donating can also cost $1,000+.
  • It is a hard job to get.
  • The power plants require lots of land.

How a Nuclear Power Plant Works

How Nuclear Power Plants Work / Nuclear Energy (Animation)
Tour of Nuclear Power plant

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