Julius Caesar

By; William Shakespeare

Act 1

Caesar defeated Pompey in a large battle and the people now worship Caesar, Everyone looks up to him as a sign of power. During a feast someone from the crowd spoke out an told Caesar to "beware the ides of March", but Caesar dismissed the warning. Cassius and Brutus were spotted talking and while Brutus was saying he doesn't think its in Rome's best interest for Caesar to be king, Cassius then steps in to encourage Brutus that it would be a good idea to kill Caesar so the city can be in better hands and Brutus will be an honorable king. Cassius's plan to turn Brutus against his good friend really begins to play out when he starts planting fake letters in Brutus's house. Cassius runs into Casca and finds out the senate plans to make Caesar king the next day, very adamant that this cannot happen Cassius finds many other people who feel the same way and they plan to over take Caesar that night.

Act 2

During act 2 Brutus is a main character of interest. Cassius is trying to convince him that he would make a better ruler Caesar. After much thought Brutus decides to join in on the group of people planning to over throw and kill Caesar.

Act 3