Robert E Lee

By Cody Lindsey

Robert E Lee's education

Robert was a scholar and aced all of his tests at West Point Academy. When he joined the army he immediately started getting promoted throughout his success.

Robert E Lee's history

Robert E Lee was a general in the Mexican American war and was later offered the General's position for both the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. He chose to fight for the Confederacy, where his home Virginia is, from 1861 to 1865 when the Union gained victory against the Confederacy.

Robert E Lee and 2 of his companions

Robert E Lee's Loyalty


Robert E Lee sworn loyalty to the United States but when then the Civil War started, his home Virginia sided with the Confederacy, so he chose to be with his home and fight for the South.



He was born in Virginia and became extremely loyal to his state and believed in state's rights.

Robert's children

Robert E Lee Jr.

William Henry Lee

George Washington Custis Lee

Anne Carter Lee

Mildred Childe Lee

Mary Custis Lee

Robert E Lee's Religion

Robert E Lee didn't become serious with religion until after he went to school at West Point Academy. He was religious during the two wars he fought in. He participated in the Southern Baptist Church with his family.