Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Holiday Resources - Week1 Term 3

Term 3 New Resources

Literacy - New Curriculum

My school, Capertee PS, will utilise the exemplary New Curriculum English documents that Steph Westwood has created - Reading, Writing, Speaking, Spelling, Grammar -Punctuation. Thank you for sharing these extraordinary resources Steph! : )

Class checklist - New curriculum and continuum - Christine Fraser

My Place and Rowan of Rin - Units of work developed by Chris Fraser using the New Curriculum. Exemplary work and an excellent resource to refer to.

Libraries - Mobile, Flipped, Curated Presentation

Tools for Digital Story Telling in 2 Clicks! - This one page contains a multitude of Web 2.0 tools, more than you would ever use

You've heard of the Flipped Classroom, so what is it? Click and discover.

A collection of You Tube stories -great resource by Euan Kilpatrick

Musical chairs combined with reading - Your students will love you for it!

Short Stories - a very interesting collection

60 Best Free eBook websites - a very extensive guide, something for everyone

iWrite - Great - Ideas, mini-lessons, free downloadable resources

Picture Book Pinterest -Lots and lots of super Picture Books from a wide variety of Pinterst collectors

Angela Pusz's Web Quests for Stage 1 - Early Stage 1 students - your students will enjoy these

Viv Tuckerman's Edmodo Language Resource site -Very exciting, fantastic resources

More rhymes and songs - Early Stage 1-Stage 1

Stories and Faiths From Other Cultures - Digital stories

Library Resources - Narelle Adams - Narelle is an impassioned librarian.

Another Multi-modal site to explore - Digital Multi-modal Texts - The site provides direct links to the tools need to create multi-modal resources.

Comic Creators

On-Line Playscripts - Great for reading groups, class assemblies, create a multi-modal book of your students engaged in one of these plays!

Another excellent Rowan of Rin resource unit

New Curriculum units of Work

CBC Book Trailers - Stage 3 students create a book trailer on a CBC book.

Narratives - Stage 1

My Place and Rowan of Rin - Units of work developed by Chris Fraser using the New Curriculum. Exemplary work and an excellent resource to refer to.

Maths New Curriculum

K-6 Program Checklists - Maths - New Curriculum - S Tancred - An excellent resource to review and utilise when you are implementing the New Maths curriculum.

K-6 Class Overview Sheets - New Curriculum - STancred

Class checklist - New curriculum and continuum - Christine Fraser

Simon Jobs Maths Links Network - If you haven't joined or visited this site your should.

Resources To Share - Lots of teaching resources that I have collected or created - see my on-line "Box"

Maths Processes (doubles, split, bridging etc) I have converted my PPTs into MP4s, no sound but can be used for explicit teaching by controlling "pause" button, bright and cheerful.

Times Tables - Once PPTs now MP4s, with sound! Bright and cheerful.

Maths Posters - Bright and cheerful!! From Bills Teaching Notes

iPads - Web 2.0 Tools - Blogs

Pinterest iPad Lesson Ideas - Lisa Johnson -700 inspiring ideas!!!!

Shape That app - Crop photos, add stamps etc to create photos that excite

Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra - A fun way to introduce the orchestra

Super Timer App - designed to build student confidence and independent work skills

Everything you need to know and more in the iPads For Schools Livebinder -M Fisher

Brookefield High School Livebinder on iPads -Tutorials and descriptions - another excellent resource and a must to visit

Interact with students with the Extreme Collaboration add-on with your Smartboard. Follow the guide to correctly install this collaboration add-on.

Laura's Amazing USA Trip

Great Sites from Laura Chaffey's Amazing USA Trip!!

Greg Tang Maths Website -lots of teaching tips, dowloadable worksheets, games etc

Tammy's Technology Tools - Every week a new tool and tip is added - check it out it is amazing!

Wow you must visit the Maths eBook -endless possibilities

Build Yr5-8 prealgebra skills in this Lure of Labyrinth

Algebra and Trig interactive website - Desmos

Addimal Adventure App - a Maths app Stage 1, join Profesor Possum on an adventure

Bills Atkinson's Postcards - write a postcard and email it

Croak It app- record voices for 30 seconds and obtain the URL-great for recording reading, students stories - Doen't play nicely on iPads at school, but works on DET computers

Ed Tech Conference -San Antonio Texas -2013 Pinterest - Check out the latest Techy things

Speaking and Responding

Margot Lingdren has created a fantastic Pinterest filled with ideas for Talking and Listening

Are you looking for different Speaking and Listening activities? Here are 6 different resources jammed packed with ideas.

Aboriginal Education - Aboriginal Studies

Vivienne Tuckermann - Extensive Aboriginal History resources

Working With Aboriginal People document

My People My Place - A collection of interviews by Daphne Bell AEO -Crawford PS

Special Education Resources

Rhonda Field has an excellent blog plus Share Space - lots of resources/ideas to support differentiated programs and students with learning difficulties

Excellent resource on how iPads in Education can support Special Needs students.

iPads in Special Education - Learn With Leah -Apps for Autism, speech, articulation, visual impairment,

Lauren S Enders Pinterest - Resources/ideas/support for Speech, Voice Therapy, Dysphagia, Autism, teaching emotion, Dyslexia

Complete Guide on Educational and Special Needs Apps - The most detailed app guide for special needs families, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and teachers! The guide breaks down apps by skill set so you can easily find and buy apps that most benefit your child. Great for kids with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, apraxia, learning disability, sensory issues and more. Included are apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and some Android apps.

Apps for people with Autism - another a very comprehensive list

Tatum Fogarty's Smore on understanding autism and supporting students with autism. Watch Tatum's video and gain valuable tips. Share this resource with colleagues who have students with autism in their classes.

Dare To Differentiate Wiki - A multitude of excellent ideas, resources

Google Docs

Google Docs Tutorials -aimed for the beginners

Google Tutorials -You Tubes - Instructional videos on how to create and use Google Docs.

Edmodo - Bobby Lewis created a Thinglink to explain Edmodo

Only 2 Clicks is a HUGE site, very easy to navigate with enough tools/resources to successfully integrate technology on your classroom. Visually appealing.