Communication Standards

IVS Presentation, Summer 2014

Communication Samples

Just as you plan and prepare for your classroom and weekly lessons, it's important to dedicate some time to practicing good communication skills with stakeholders. We believe the most advantageous way to help new teachers improve and perfect communication is through modeling. We asked some of our outstanding faculty to respond to common questions. You will likely note that all the responses below are instructional, thorough and supportive...all superior online communication skills.

Dear teacher, my child is struggling with his online class. What can we do to help him?

Michael Farmer - World Languages Instructor - 2014 GaVS Teacher of Year Nominee

Dear Parent,

The number one reason that students struggle in the online classroom is time management. I have attached a copy of your student's schedule, which includes the names of assignments and tests, and a suggested daily progression. Due dates are highlighted in orange. One roll that you could take is monitoring and advising your student on time management.
Additionally, if it's more about the concepts than time, the best route to success is constant communication with me. I'm available from X-X daily, and usually answer emails within 15-30 minutes during that time (always within 24 hours).

Dear Teacher, We are going on summer vacation next week to the beach and I'm not sure if we will have internet. Can I have an extension?

Carrie Madden - Science Instructor - 2014 GAVS Teacher of the Year

Dear proactive student,

A vacation sounds like fun! Thank you for letting me know in advance and for thinking ahead about your GAVS course.

If you cannot ensure you have internet, it would be best for you to work ahead on the schedule; in this summer semester, assignments are due each day by midnight whether or not students are vacationing during that time. Working ahead would help you avoid late penalties or zeros. You would also be able to enjoy your vacation if you have all your work completed!

Thank you again for being proactive about your assignments; I hope that you enjoy your holiday. Please let me know if you have questions in the meantime.

Dear Teacher, my child is struggling in your class. He is having trouble knowing what is due when and how to find all the lessons and assignments. I have tried to help him but online learning is new to me as well. Please help.

Kelly Gardner - English Instructor- 2014 GaVS Teacher of the Year Finalist

Good evening Parent,

I know that getting started in an online course can be overwhelming. I would like to direct your student to the "Getting Started" video posted on our course homepage. This video gives a visual demonstration of how to read the course schedule. I will also include snapshots I have created to demonstrate these steps as well.

We also have a fantastic "Knowledgebase", located under the "Help" icon at the top of the course page. The "User FAQs" section has many tutorial videos about how to submit assignments, complete discussions, take quizzes, and view grades.

Please take a look at these resources. Let me know if you still have questions. I am happy to speak with you by phone, or arrange a time when we can meet in my Adobe Connect classroom for a live demo. Feel free to email me anytime with questions.


Mrs. Gardner

Dear teacher, my child has been sick. We need an extension so she can get caught up in the class.

Kelly Walker - Science Instructor - 2014 GaVS Teacher of the Year Finalist

Hello Parent,

I am sorry to hear that your child has been sick. In order to receive an extension, I will need to contact my supervisors with documentation of her illness for their approval on an extension. Do you have a doctor's note that you can send to me? Once I receive a doctor's note, then I will let you know of their response.

In the meantime, have your child continue working as much as possible to get caught back up. If she has any questions as she is progressing through her assignments, please have her communicate those questions with me. I hope she is feeling better!

Dear Teacher, I am really behind with my course work. Please help me.

Joyce Bearden - World Language Instructor - 2013 GaVS Teacher of Year

Hi student,

Thanks for emailing me. Let's make an improvement plan. Please start with focusing on current work that is due. Work diligently to complete assignments by the Friday deadline to avoid late point deductions. If you have specific questions about an assignment or course work, please email me. I am happy to help. It's important to finish the semester strong. There will also be some extra credit opportunities in the News. We will also begin reviewing for the final exam next month.

Please email me if you have more questions.