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Platte Valley Region Grant Year 2017-2018

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Food Handling Training Options

Child Care Center Directors: We have options for the food handlers in child care centers now.

Our UNL partner has pulled together the Penn State classes for food handlers in our child care centers. The attachment will explain how to do it. Thank you, Ruth Vonderohe, UNL Extension Educator in the Northern Region who helped to pull this together! If you see her, be sure to say “Thanks”!

Click on title below :)

More Food Handling Training Options

The following online options for food handler training have been added to the automatically approved list. You may view the automatically approved list here:


· Cost is $15, length is approximately two hours including 40 question, no time limit assessment; English/Spanish

· ServSafe Food Handler Course

Safeway Certifications

· Cost is $10, 90 minute course; English/Spanish

· Food Handler Course

· It is important to note that what is automatically accepted is ONLY the Food Handler Course.

State Food Safety

· Cost is $10, 90 minute course with two attempts to pass assessment; English/Spanish

· Food Handler Training Course & Assessment

Nutrition Workshops

NAP SACC - Nutrition & Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care

Interested in free in-service hours? Go Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) is designed to promote healthy child development by supporting healthy eating and physical activity for the children in your care.

How can Go NAP SACC help child care providers?

• FREE Nutrition & Physical Activity Resources for use in your childcare program and for parent education

• FREE One-on-One Mentoring

• FREE Approved In-service hours

• Receive FREE Incentives upon completion of in-service hours

• Promote Healthy Child Development

Go NAP SACC is required in Step 2 of Step Up to Quality.

NAP SACC in FREMONT - 1206 West 23rd St NE Extension Office

If interested getting a class set locally contact a NAP SACC trainer below

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