Egg Drop

By: Grace Christiansen


The purpose of the egg drop was to see how well we could let the egg land safely so the egg would not break. The drop was 50ft. The process of making the parachute had a lot of thinking and taking apart. We tried putting cushion around it but it did not work so we took it a part and came up with a lot of ideas and picked the best one. We tried different things to see how it would work.

Solving the problem

  • Attempted to solve the problem
  • Thinking of ideas to build a contraption
  • experimenting on the contraption
  • improve on the contraption
  • Experiment again
  • adding last details


  • Brainstorm how you think you will solve it
  • Listing down ideas
  • drawing down ideas
  • talking about ideas
  • Experiment about ideas


  • Choosing how to solve it
  • I took away the cushion because we did not have a lot of the cushion to use
  • Then my partner and I tried to use cardboard but it was to heavy
  • After we tried using all of the things that we could use but it was to heavy


Explain why you chose the way you did

I chose the way that I did because I thought that it would be a good way of the egg of landing safley from a 50ft drop.

See if it works

How did you see if your design would work

To see if my design would work me and my partner stood on a chair and dropped the parachute. Then later we dropped the parachute from the stairs for a more high distance and also for a more accurate drop.


What adjustments or changes that you made to your idea and why

We had to take off the card board because it was to heavy so we used it as a bottom.

we had to take off the straws because we did not need the straws

Final Design

Our final design on the parachute was good only the egg (witch was called splat) had a little crack on the side of the egg.

Changes or suggestions

I would like to put cushion all around the egg inside the cups so hopefully when it falls it would land safely.

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