Sugar, Sugar

Jocelin Loewen & Haylie Hicks


Will sugar water affect the transpiration rate of leaves?


Sugar water will decrease the rate of transpiration.


Instead of having just pure water, we will add 2 grams of sugar to the water to observe the effects in the transpiration rate.

(Due to the time and supply limit, we will not perform a control procedure.)


2 Grams of Sugar





Petroleum Jelly

Graduated Pipette



1. Seal leaf onto tube with petroleum jelly.

2. Add sugar water with syringe to other end of tube. (Check for no air bubbles).

3. Place graduated pipette onto the tube.

4. Start potometer and record the water level at minute intervals for a 10 minute time period.

Data & Observations

The table below shows the results from the experiment. The water level at the beginning was 6.2 and the numbers are shown in minute intervals for a 10-minute time period.
Big image
Transpiration Rate: 0 mL / 373 sq. mm / 10 min = 0 mL/
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The showed that there was little or no change in the water level. This could be due to many factors such as a mistake in the experiment but most likely being the sugar water decreased the rate so much that it wasn't visible in such a short time period.


Due to the unchanging water level, we concluded that having sugar already in the water, the rate of transpiration was greatly decreased to where within such a short time period, it was not visible.