Peter The Great

By Samuel Safar

Peter Alekseyevich Romanov

Russian Leader who Modernized The Nation and it's Millitary


Peter the Great was a leader of Russia who modernized it and reformed the nation into the Russia that we all know today as a great world superpower located in northern Asia.

  • At only ten years old in 1682 he was the ruler but did not take the complete control until 1989 when he became the actual leader of Russia and began his great modernization efforts and accomplishments.
  • Peter was very well known across the modernized land at the time and was favored by the people living in the newly reformed nation.
  • Many people were satisfied with the changes he made to improve the country.

Birth date of Peter the Great

Thursday, June 9th 1672 at 9pm

Russia, Moscow

Moscow, Moscow

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“I have conquered an empire but I have not been able to conquer myself" (Peter the Great).


Peter Alekseyevich Romanov, or as many of today's people know him as Peter the Great, was one man who changed the world of Russia and modernized it forever. He made many changes as in the way things would go throughout the nation and removed the reputation of absolute monarchs ruling Russia.

In order to control much of the nation, he ruled over the Russian Orthodox Church which caused many people to follow his opinions. He also expanded the military of Russia majorly and changed the way that battles would be fought by organizing the military that was there.

He also expanded the world's largest nations by allowing the m to spread throughout Asia and created treaties with other countries that allowed Russia to expand and flourish throughout their land.

He allowed Russia's landmass to flow into parts of Russia that were more Western than previously, as well as northern to acquire more landmass and eastern into the peninsulas near the Pacific ocean.

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Interesting Facts on Peter the Great

  • Unlike many other Russian leaders in history, Peter the great was Favorited and ruled with love.
  • It is believed that without the efforts of Peter the Great, the nation wouldn't have modernized the way it did.
  • Without him, the military would not be as complex and the nation would've struggled more to become the superpower it is today.

Death Date of Peter the Great

Thursday, Feb. 8th 1725 at 9pm

Russia, Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg, St Petersburg