Chicago Bulls

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Who are the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls arena was built on March 28,1929. They were not called the Chicago Bulls though, they were the Chicago Staggs. One of the first ever players ( Jerry Sloan) stepped on the court and practiced before every game and became a legend in the Basketball Association of America ( BAA ). In 1949 they changed it to the National Basketball Association ( NBA ). As years passed by in the season of 1975-76 they were named the worst basketball team in the NBA.

Micheal Jordan

In the 1980's the bulls drafted a player unlike any other his name was Micheal Jordan. In 1991 the bulls won there first championship by a buzzer beater from Micheal Jordan. After that they went on a winning title streak and won 6 titles in 8 years. Micheal retired in 1995 with 8 titles and 6 MVP awards.
Inside Michael Jordan's House in Chicago: Vlog

The Legends

2 decades and 8 years after Jordan was drafted the bulls drafted 6'3 point guard Derick Rose. But the Chicago Bulls have the most legends in the NBA. Micheal Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kirk Hinrich, Reggie Theus, B.J Armstrong, Jhon Paxson, Tom Boerwinkle, Dennis Rodman, Artis Gilmore, Horrace Grant, Toni Kuhoc, Chet Walker, Non Van Leir, Bob Love, Jerry Solan, and Derrick Rose.


The Chicago Bulls have won 6 titles total. The only time that this has happend was the seasons 1984-1990. The Chicago Bulls has a legend and that legend starts with Michael Jordan.