Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses was a perseverance, courageous, and wisdom man.

Introductory Paragraph

What makes someone so special that he is on the front of a fifty dollar bill? That man is Ulysses S. Grant, and he was a Republican, and was the leader of the Union army. He was a hero because he showed perseverance, courage, and wisdom. Grant was one of the greatest heroes in history. He had perseverance and had faith that he would win the Civil War. Grant had twenty kids, and a wife named Julia Grant. He was also a leader who fought against Robert E. Lee. Grant smoked, because he thought it would relieve stress, but he died of throat cancer, because of smoking. Ulysses S. Grant was a hero for all time because he had perseverance, courage, and was a wise leader.

Concluding Paragraph

In conclusion, Ulysses S. Grant was a hero for all time. On page 80, it said, “It was an event Grant would have loved: 60,000 Americans, Northern and Southern, black and white, all moving along, to the same beat, together.” That showed that he, and Robert E. Lee, stopped fighting, and achieved peace. That is explained on page 45 and 46, “Southern defeat was so certain, Grant explained, that it was pointless for any more men to die. Eventually Lee came to realize Grant was right.” That was the part that showed Grant and Lee both surrendering, and ending the war. Grant greatly influenced history and kept on fighting, even if he saw blood from his soldiers dying. It said on page 37, “The general couldn’t stand the sight of blood.” His perseverance, courageousness, and wisdom made him a hero for all time.