By Jerrin Jacob 6th Period

5 Basic Facts

  1. Businesses that illegally sold alcohol beverages when alcohol was illegal in the United States.
  2. They were called "Speakeasies" because it was a code word.
  3. Speakeasies were usually located in the north. Mostly in Chicago.
  4. Some speakeasies had sold alcohol in coffee cups.
  5. Many speakeasies had membership cards in order to purchase their beverages.

Fun/Interesting Facts

  1. New York City nearly had 100,00 speakeasy clubs.
  2. Chicago had nearly 7000 speakeasy clubs in the roaring twenties.
  3. A lot of government officials went to speakeasies, though it was illegal.
  4. The "lower class" people who could not afford high quality liquor, were sold poisoned alcohol.
  5. Al Capone had an income of $60 million per year just from speakeasies.
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