Circle Seven: "The Violent"

Once your here, you'll never want to leave

Metallica - One

Don't forget the beach!

After hitching a ride on geryon to the beach, lay a towel down and relax. Make sure you bring some sandals, the sand is so hot its like its on fire. Better check the weather before you head out, it tends to rain a lot. We suggest bringing lots of sunscreen to avoid third degree burn, also we highly suggest that you dress lightly.

Rest in the Sauna

And after a long day of exploring the forest and playing on the beach, you can take a nice relaxing dip into the Phlegethon. Not only will it relax those tense muscles and soothe your sun burn, but you also get hang out with some centaurs and a pretty cool Minotaur. You'll be dying to meet them! And watch the sun set as the horses race down the field.