Followers are Christians

The followers of christane called christans. They belive in god his son jeuas. Tle and their holy book is the bible and their are twomparts old and new testment. Their keys beleifs are to pray to god and beleif in the holy trinity which is the godthe father, and god his son , and the holy spirt. Anouther key beilef is that salvation which is decleration to god and faith. To reach this savation you must be baptised which means to be interdouced to christ. Also the holy comuman is the sharing of bread and wine to rember the last super. Their place of worship is a church and their leader in the service is a preist, minister, preacer, or called revran. The sects in this religon is the roman catholic, and orthadox, also protestament which is the other kids like lutheran, morman, church of christ. They go to church on sundays. Also they celabrate christmas which was jeaus birth. Good fridy was when god died. Easter was when god rose again. Bethlaham  is the place where jeuas was born and jerusim was the site of his cursifacation


This was By: Aria Stiefelmaier and Peyton Stipp