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TUHSD Wellness Newsletter - Fall 2019

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Wellness Campaign: Suicide Prevention Month - September 2019

September is Suicide Prevention Month ~

Redwood Wellness held a lunch event to acknowledge September as Suicide Prevention Month. The event was held to remember those affected by suicide, to raise awareness, and to share resources for support. Suicide Prevention Awareness ribbons were passed out during lunch and Wellness staff answered questions about how to support yourself or a friend when you are who might be struggling with suicidal thoughts or ideation. Students from Redwood's Mental Health Awareness Club helped by being present at the event and encouraging Redwood students to wear ribbons.

At Drake HS, Wellness put on a sticker campaign for National Suicide Awareness Week. Students and staff chose from several different sticker messages including ones they could make themselves or write a message onto. Drake Wellness also shared important hotline information on our Instagram page and hung posters around school with resources and support.

In addition to awareness events for students, on September 11, 2019, 50 parents came together for a presentation by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention called Talk Saves Lives. Parents learned the risk and warning signs of suicide as well as what they can do to help prevent it.

Together we can help identify those in need and support those who have been impacted by suicide.

Wellness Community Partner Highlight: Huckleberry Youth Programs

Huckleberry Youth Programs' partnership with TUHSD Wellness provides students with critical supports to address mental health and substance use. For over 50 years, Huckleberry has worked with youth and families in the Bay Area to build resilience, opportunity and connection in the areas of health, safety, education and justice. Over the past 4 years of partnership with the Wellness Centers, Huckleberry's counselors have helped shape a culture of student support, with weekly counseling and case management services for youth that help develop healthier coping skills, set and achieve goals, and ultimately decrease or eliminate substance use. Huckleberry has also partnered with TUHSD Wellness to develop student prevention education, and to work with families on communication and prevention through "Resilient Families" a workshop offered biannually to Tam students and their caretakers.

If you would like to refer your student to Huckleberry's services, contact your site's Wellness Coordinator for support!

TUHSD Tobacco Use Prevention & Education (TUPE) Grant

TUHSD has secured a significant 3 year grant from TUPE's Health Disparity funding to enhance and expand our tobacco and vaping prevention work on campuses. 24% of 9th graders and 33% of 11th graders report currently using an e-cigarette or vaping device in the last 30 days (CHKS Data 17-19) which is slightly higher than California averages. We are thrilled to be able to double down our efforts and bring more resources and support specifically to our LGBTQ+, African American, Latinex and students in our alternative high schools. For more information about TUPE click HERE. If you would like to refer your student for support or cessation, contact your site's Wellness Coordinator.

Teen Wellness Film Series ~ Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience

Please join us for a screening of Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience followed by a discussion panel.

Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience is about how to help young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world. Filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston uses a personal lens and professional eye to help parents flip the script on stress, anxiety, and depression. Learn about the impact of social media and other screen time on teen's mental health and evidenced-based strategies to help teens with their mental wellness. To watch a trailer for the film, click here.

When: November 12, 2019 at 6:30pm

Where: Smith B. Rafael Theater, 1118 4th St., San Rafael

How: Purchase tickers here

Wellness + Youth Development at Drake

Wellness and Peer Resource work hand and hand at Redwood and Drake HS. Drake HS has launched “Wellness Wednesdays." On Wednesdays, Wellness goes to the Peer Resource class and educates students on various topics, including confidentiality and consent, Peer Mentoring, democratic decision-making methods and organizational structures. We bring in speakers and trainers to add to their knowledge in becoming peer health educators on campus. Most recently, Julia Feldman from “Giving the Talk” did a training on answering difficult questions related to sexual health and Fel Agrelius and the Youth Advocacy Coalition from the SPAHR Center will also facilitate a training on LGBTQ+ issues, inclusion, and allyship. We are thrilled to build our Youth Development work within Wellness and Peer Resource on our campuses!

The Wellness Center Library

Each Wellness Center has a curated Wellness Library that has a variety of books that address topics students might experience during high school. There are books about managing anxiety, books with inspirational messages and books that answer questions around sexual health. Other topics include depression, grief, LGBTQ+ resources and substance use. Having these books in our spaces also lets students know what we are here to support students with and what issues we address.

The Wellness library is a great resource because students can grab a humorous book for a quick pick-me-up, or a novel about current issues around race and identity. We always encourages students and staff to recommend any books that would benefit others. Check out some of what the Wellness library has to offer below:

Wellness Campaign ~ Zero Breast Cancer

, Zero Breast Cancer came to educate students about breast cancer at all of our Wellness sites this fall. At Tam HS Zero Breast Cancer brought a table with a spin wheel and prizes. Zero Breast Cancer focuses on promoting breast cancer risk reduction throughout the stages of life. Students spun a wheel, learned about reducing breast cancer risk, and selected from a cool array of prizes. ZBC tables in high schools to inspire activism as well as adolescence being one of the windows of susceptibility for breast cancer risk. At the events we learned that to reduce risk, we can, be physically active, eat a balanced diet, limit alcohol, not smoke and avoid all plastic water bottles. Thank you to Zero Breast Cancer for educating our students on campus!

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