Miss Lindsay's November Newsletter

We're thankful for our Sunshine families!

Upcoming Events


THANKSGIVING FEAST: Thursday and Friday, Nov. 19-20

  • Please have your child bring his/her favorite food to share with the class (12 friends total). We'll be sitting down together and enjoying a grand ol' feast! We will also monitor all food for any allergies our students have.
  • What kind of food can you bring? Glad you asked! Literally... whatever your child wants to bring, and yes, it can be homemade on that day. (For some reason we get a lot of mac 'n cheese on that day... haha!) It's always fun to get an eclectic mixture of preschoolers' favorite foods!
  • Our feast will take place during class and is usually just for our preschoolers. We'll be sure to take lots of pics for you!

NO SCHOOL: Nov. 23-27 (Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!)


  • CHRISTMAS PARTY @ JABBERS: Wed. Dec. 16 from 7-9 p.m. (Santa will be there!)
  • NO SCHOOL: Dec. 21 - Jan. 1 (Christmas Break)

Scholastic Book Clubs Deadline: Sunday Nov. 8

CLICK TO ORDER and use our class code: HZGN7.

Check your payment packets for your Scholastic book order. Inside you'll find lots of great books and gifts for all your loved ones this Christmas. As always, every time you order, we get a free book for our classroom - thanks!

Our Fall Carnival Was a HUGE Success!

A huge thanks to all our helpers and families who came to enjoy our Fall Carnival! Face painting was a big hit this year! Other favorites included Donuts on a String and Pumpkin Bowling! Always fun to see the teachers dressed up and having a blast!

CLICK HERE to see more pictures from our Fall Carnival!
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Happy Birthday To:

Addalyn: Nov. 9

Keith: Nov. 29

I am thankful for all your wonderful children, and for you being wonderful parents!

October was a eventful month: we learned lots about fall foods, fall colors, fall weather, and fall animals! Along with this we had wonderful parent teacher conferences! I enjoyed meeting with you and having great conversations about all the achievements your child has had!

First, we learned about apples, apple trees, and pumpkins. We discovered that apples grow up high on trees and pumpkins grow low on the ground on vines in patches! We especially read lots of books on apples and pumpkins, and had lots of fun activities like apple tasting, and messy apple and pumpkin art! We had fun using our fine motor skills on fall apples and pumpkins games and table toys too! Thank you for sharing the yummy cooking recipes. We will make our fall foods recipe books this month as a class. It is not too late if you still would like to bring a copy in, since Thanksgiving is approaching soon! The children became very knowledgeable on the types of foods that apples and pumpkins can be made into!

Secondly, we learned about leaves on trees that change different colors when the weather turns cooler, and then the leaves fall on the ground. We read books about the life cycle of a tree and how a tree changes through different seasons. We learned about the cooler fall weather and types of clothing to wear to stay warm and healthy! Outside, we gathered leaves and used our observation skills to study the types of leaves. We even practiced our scissor skills and attempted cutting out paper leaf shapes.

Thirdly, we learned about fall animals that fly; geese, owls, and bats. Here are some interesting facts we learned: most geese fly south before winter, baby owlets leave their home and have to find new homes, owls screech and hoot to talk, and bats sleep upside down in caves! We also learned that Owls and Bats are nocturnal animals!

Fourthly, we learned about themes involving Halloween! After we learned about owls and bats, we then learned about black cats, and we did a week of my favorite book series, Pete the Cat: I Love My white Shoes, Rocking In My School Shoes, and Five Pumpkins! Following that we learned about Monsters! We learned that monsters are not always scary, but they can be silly and like to wear underpants, or be sad or glad monsters too! My favorite monster books are, Go Away Big Green Monster, Sad Glad Monster, and my new favorite is: Monsters That Wear Underpants!

Finally, we had a great Halloween Party!! Thanks for all of you who volunteered or helped with it or brought yummy treats!! For the party, we read ghost stories, played ghostly and monster games, had sticker art, danced and sang along to monster songs and music, and the ate delicious treats!!! For Halloween art: We made fun neon colorful monsters, green handprint monsters, sponge paintings, and candy sucker spiders! We also learned that the colors purple, black, green, and orange make fun painting projects colors for Halloween!

For this month of November: We will start off by wrapping up our theme of Halloween by exploring the topic of Candy; we will learn about candy corn and other types of candy! We will then discover topics involving Corn, Squash, and Pies by looking into more harvest types of foods in preparation the our Thanksgiving Feast and Thanksgiving!! We will be completing our recipe class books as well. Then, we will finish up the month with Thanksgiving and thankfulness activities!

Things to work on at home: fine motor activities, improving more on the self-help skills, and letter recognition skills! Thanks for all you do and all your support!

Please also be aware of daily weather changes and be prepared by sending your child in appropriate clothing. I have noticed sandals, shorts, and skirts without warmer tights to keep the legs warm (whoops!) Please remember to bring a warmer coat on colder and rainy mornings and afternoons. I stress this highly because we do go outside daily even in all types of weather, and this also is a way to prevent any forms of sickness. Please also teach and practice daily with your child on basic hand washing skills, covering your mouth into your elbow while coughing or sneezing, and using a tissue to blow their nose instead of wiping it with their arms; all of these help keep your child healthy along with your families and the classroom environment. And lastly, don't forget to change out your child's spare clothing in the backpacks and replace with winter clothing.


Miss Lindsay

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Ten Apples On Top!

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Enjoying our new wagon!!!

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Good Friends!

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Fine motor table toy fun!

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Good Friends!

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Writing our names in sand!

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Happy Birthday Benjamin!

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Halloween spider sucker art!

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Happy Birthday, three on the same day: Natalie, Rebecca and Jaxon!

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Puppet show time!

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Making monster art!

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More messy monster art!

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Happy Halloween!!

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Trick or Treat!

Costumes are more fun at school!