hunger games

by piper jenkins

who read and who watched

in my class we did a chart on the hunger games. about who read, watche the movie, both and neither. four people chose neither, 0 people choose read the book, 9 people choose watched the movie, and 12 people choose both.

who am i

all of us used a calculater to determin how old we were, how many family members we had, and tessera. i was 18, had 2 family members, and no tessera. i was entered 7 times.

the ratio of amounts of draws

the ratio of draws for each girls is if they had tessera or not. if they did then they would have more votes than others. the list of entries for girls is 3,3,7,8,9,32,54,61,77

meadian mode and range

the mean for thegirls is 24/254. then the meadian for the girls is 9. then the mode for the girls is 3. also the range for the girls is 74


the probibility for me getting choosen is 9/254. then the percent and the decimeal is 9 % and .09

the end

my chances are almost very slim about being choosen for the hunger games on the reaping day. the reason that my chances are very slim is because 9/254 and 9%. i feel pretty good about my slim chances about getting choosen to go in to the hunger games. why because i don't have many names in the bowl and i would be very scared about going if i did because you are just waiting to go your death. if my sister was choosen then i would voulenterr for my sister because i want her to live not me. plus i also have a chance of comming back alive if i winthe hungergames. it is a fair way to choose people for the hunger games because you could either die or get a chance to feed your town and your family. it is a fair way to choose people for the hunger games because it a random choice at pick from a bowl with other peoples names in it.