Middle Ages Japan

Government and Beliefs

Kyndall Roberts

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  • Government had ranks of importance such as emperors, advisors, and so forth.
  • Emperors gave government jobs to nobles from powerful families.
  • Once someone got a job as an official, he could pass on the job to his son, or other relatives.
  • Government officials received estates, and farmers to work the land.
  • Governments carried out a census to judge Japan's wealth.
  • Regents mostly came from Fujiwara.
  • Emperors later spent less time ruling and more time doing other things, like learning.

Emperors spent time learning.


  • The basic religion during this time was called Shinto.
  • The Shinto people believed that all natural things were alive.
  • This was called Animism.
  • They worshipped Kami, nature spirits, at shrines.
  • Shinto means way of the spirits.
  • Illness caused spiritual stains cleansed by bathing and other rituals before praying.
  • Priests, musicians, and dancers did rituals for people asking favors.
  • When people needed help, they asked the kami.
  • The Shinto sought to protect nature.

The Shinto spent a lot of time praying and protecting nature.