solid memory (micro chips)

solid memory is found in things like a flash drive and you can read and write data or files on them and they don't break easily as they don't have any moving pieces inside them


it doesn't brake easily

you can read and write on it (like a hard drive)

cheap to make and is getting cheaper to buy

you can get up to 128GB onto some drives

very portable


It can carry viruses

The more storage the more money it costs


optical memory is a disk that is read or written on by lasers. This is why DVD and CD players have a small red laser reader inside, the disk is read by a laser because the laser reads the light reflected off the flat part and not on the little dimples


Have to be read or written by a certain type of reader

slower access time and have to wait for it to load up all data stored on disk

can be scratched or broken if not cared for properly

cant be read if to scratched or damaged


Portable since they are so small

very cheap

durable and last a very long time if cared for correctly

Magnetic Memory

magnetic memory is things like floppy disks and hard disks.

they are read using a head in the disk drive

Big image


it contains moving parts which means it brakes very easily

can be wiped by magnets

can be scratched and damaged easily

reader picks up on everything from dust to finger prints covering hard disk

costs a lot to get it recovered if data is losts


portable size


holds a lot of memory